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Are you a new mother? Congratulations to the world of Mommies! You must have by now made many to do lists. What’s there in your priority list? I am sure the first and the foremost thing in your mind is your baby. All you want is to keep your baby well nourished and warm.

Baby skin care is another big challenge for new mothers. Baby’s skin is very delicate and needs utmost care. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and touchy, strong chemicals, detergents, weather and clothing can cause damage.

A newborn’s skin is the door to all senses. This is the reason why doctors say mothers should massage their young ones to create a special bond.

Baby skin care

A baby is born with a very fragile and wrinkled skin. You must have seen that the skin peels off slowly, this skin is called Vernix. Never try to peel off this skin, its a natural process and will occur on its own.

A baby does not require frequent bathing until it starts crawling. In fact too much of bathing will result in loosing natural oils from baby’s tender skin. Our babies don’t gym, so sponging is enough. Bathing them thrice a week with a good baby wash and shampoo is good enough. Baby’s mouth and diaper area should be cleaned twice a day. Avoid using any kind of scented products on baby. Be very particular with the laundry wash and detergents too. In the market there are plenty of brands selling baby detergents, you can choose one of them.

Here are few tips to for your baby’s skin

Learn correct Diapering basics

Be very particular with diaper hygiene. Change baby diapers regularly, wipe the area gently. Wash the area once a day with luke warm water. Every time you change apply a diaper rash cream. Ensure that your baby’s bottom is dry.

Be vigilant while choosing baby skin care products

Try and use organic products for your baby. Look for fragrance free and tear free products. Do not use bath soaps or wash which do not contain moisturizers. Your baby products should be low in pH.

Look for the weather condition

If it’s dry and chilly you require extra moisturizing for your baby skin. If it is harsh and very sunny, do not hesitate to apply sunscreen lotion all over your baby’s skin. Sunscreen shouldnot exceed 15 SPF.


Baby acne

Baby acne are very different from the teen age acne. Many babies develop acne soon after birth. Baby acne is usually due to yeasts and not due to oil. Do not worry they will soon disappear. Do not apply any adult acne cream.


Many babies are born with birthmark. Birthmarks are a kind of discoloration. Do not worry but if still in doubt seek doctor’s advice.

Cradle cap

It is medically called Seborrheic dermatitis. Due to excess oil production scaly, waxy, reddish flaky skin appears on head or near eyebrows. Check with your paediatrician.

Prickly heat

These are small reddish bumps due to sweat. Generally found near the armpits or where skin creases or folds. Ensure your baby’s skin is absolutely dry. During summers baby clothes should be loose and breathable.

No to powders

Infants can inhale fine powder grains. Say no to powders. You can still use powders on baby’s bottom during diaper change.

Is your baby’s skin yellowish?

Yellow skin means jaundice. Check with your paediatrician. Often babies are born with jaundice due to high amount of bilirubin. Do not worry mild jaundice will go in 1 to 2 weeks.

Baby massage

Give your baby regular massage which keeps skin soft and hydrated. It improves blood circulation and also induces sound sleep.

There are many other tips which we can include in the list; however this will roughly cater to your little one’s sensitive skin care needs. Whenever you try a new product always do a patch test. This can lessen the aggravation of rash or skin irritation.

Enjoy every moment with your baby. Say cheers to motherhood!

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