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So yet another and important debate “Diaper vs. Cloth”. When it comes to your little one, you want the best and the safest. The most critical part of child care is the diaper however the first thought which comes to our mind when you think of diaper is the skin rash. If you will listen to your grannies and mommies they will advise you to go for cloth diapers, it’s upon you to decide as both are safe choices.

Whether to choose cloth vs. Disposable diapers it totally depends how conveniently you can handle. Before you draw any conclusions let’s look into the matter closely.


Benefits of using cloth diapers

No doubt using cloth is economical as compared to the highly priced disposable diapers. If you calculate the cost you spend on disposable diapers you can easily rent out laundry services for an entire year for your entire household.


Disposable diapers come with gels and dyes which often cause allergic reactions to the delicate baby skin. In case of cloth diapering you do not have to worry about any chemicals.

If you are using a cloth diaper, you will potty train your child much earlier as compared to those mothers who use disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers are eco friendly and do not cause harm to our environment.

Cloth diapers today are very advance and are made up of super absorbent material. You do not have to worry about using dangerous pins and smelly wet pails.

Most of the washing is done by your washing machine today, so cloth diapers are no more a task.


Cloth diapers today come with outer plasting lining, so do not worry about their leaks.

You do not have to worry about carrying excessive diaper weight while travelling.

Now let’s see what the convenience of using Disposable diapers are

The disposable diapers are the best gift of diapering industry. They have been made keeping in mind the troubles which moms face.


Disposable diapers are use and throw hence saves time and energy. You do not have to worry about their washing and drying.

While travelling deposable diapers are a great boon. You do not have to worry about the difficulties of handling dirty cloth diapers.

With cloth diapers you end up collecting too many as your child will soon outgrow them. Diapers are things which you cannot store for the future sibling or pass on within the family.

Usually cloth is a mix of different materials which ends up irritating child’s delicate skin.

Disposable diapers give you the best wetness protection hence your baby skin is clean and dry. The cloth counterpart in the disposable diapers avoids skin rash. This keeps the child happy and comfortable unlike cloth diapers.

Disposable diaper is an intelligent choice especially during the extended duration like night. They do not give sleepless nights to you and your child.

They come in various sizes and Velcro on them is just a bull’s eye. Today diapering industry has given us pant diapers which makes it much convenient for parents. It is easy for the fathers to render their help in diaper change.

Often people say that disposable diapers are non environment friendly. The laundry powder used while washing soiled cloth diapers is also harmful for the environment, today’s diapering industry has given us diapers which do not contain any traces of plastic.

Parenting is filled with added responsibilities and countless decisions. Many factors like finance, lifestyle, convenience, family needs, health and environment will rule your decision. Often many new parents are not exposed to the benefits of cloth vs. Disposable diapers. There will always be controversies between the two, right from diapers to fuels to energy consumption to health benefits still people will choose their own way. Analyse all the factors and then make the right choice which satisfies your needs as well as your child’s. Remember, there will always be pros and cons however you have to prioritize your needs.

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