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The word Breastfeeding today is over-hyped, I know people will despise my statement. Let’s step into mother’s shoe who apart from bearing 22 stitches, takes care of her toddler day and night. Still caters to the need of her family members and may be her toddlers older siblings. A mother forgets about the fancy world outside as she needs to be at home for the little one to Breastfeed him and stand upto his and family demands.

Don’t you think this is cruel. We live in a democratic world. A mother can never compromise with her child’s daily nutrition and health. She does not require add on advises what to do or not. The big bad world is all ready to criticize you if you happen to feed in a bottle of formula to your little one.

Let the women decide what she wants to eat during her pregnancy, how she wants to deliver her child and whether or not she prefers to choose bottle feeding or not. Breast milk is nature’s perfect food that is a self evident truth and a mother should feed her child the breast milk for first 6 months. In many cases Formula feeding is also safe and found beneficial.

No matter what you decide the world is there to push you into a guilt zone. Let’s introduce you to the benefits of both the kinds of feeding.

Benefits of Breast Feeding

According to AAP ( The American Academy Of Pediatrics) the best nutrition for infants is mother’s milk. A baby should be fed breast milk for minimum 6 months. You can continue breast feeding as long as mother and child are willing.

Why is Breast Milk good for baby:

Breast milk contains natural antibodies which is required by infant’s gut flora.


Infants do not feel bloated, gassy or constipated after consuming breast milk.

It lowers the fear of SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome).

It is good for child’s intelligence. According to studies the child psychologists have concluded that children who are breast fed have higher cognitive skills.

Children reduce the risk of being over weight, developing type 2 diabetes, leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease.

Breastfeeding benefits mothers too. Its less likely that you will develop ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, breats cancer or heart disease.

Mothers develop a special bond with their infants while breastfeeding. Today you can pump out breast milk and your family members can conveniently feed the little one.

Formula Feeding

Formula is the best alternative to breast milk. Many moms all over the world are opting for formula milk. Here are some of the pros of formula feeding.

Feed your baby when ever and where ever you want.

It is very convinient. Any body from your family to a day care taker can feed the child.

If you are unwell you do not have to worry about breast feeding. You partner can take care of night feeding.

You do not have to compromise your favourite dishes. Enjoy your cocktails and wine.

You can choose nay kind of feeding pattern the most important thing is that your child should be well nourished.

There are cases when an HIV positive mother cannot breastfeed her child, in this case Formula feeding comes into action.

In case of premature babies often mothers do not have a good milk supply since their milk ducts are damaged due to surgeries, formula feeding takes a vital role for child nourishment.

There are times when breastfeeding is difficult. When the new mom is juggling to breastfeed her child, the little one having problems in latching or the new mum is coping with her stitches, its time to offer top feed. A right combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding can make life simple for new moms as well as for the family. When you are deciding upon which way to nurse your child, consult your doctor and lactation expert, they can help you with your final decision.


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