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Toothache can be nightmarish for kids (and the Mommies too!!). While helplessness is the very first emotion that comes to your mind as a mother, the next thought is how to mitigate this pain without hurting the kid much.


Dental procedures though can fetch relief, they make the kids distraught with fear and can be agonizing too. So before you rush to the dentist with your kid, try to bring the child some much-sought after relief through some easy and manageable natural home remedies for toothache that go a long way in helping with the excruciating pain the kid might be in.

 But before we move into the cure, let’s understand what could be the underlying reasons that could perpetuate into toothache.


  1. The most important cause of tooth decay and oral health problems noted among kids lies in their diet- sweetened drinks, candies and junk food can cause enamel erosion and lead to tooth decay.
  2. Sometimes, mouth ulcers, swollen gums (Gingivitis) or just a cold sore may be the cause of the pain rather than a toothache.
  3. Poor oral hygiene and wrong techniques of brushing too lead to toothaches and related problems in kids.


Keeping in mind these and the popular adage of prevention being better than cure, parents must give special attention to child tooth care and make it a practice to visit the dentist every six months to avoid any tooth related issues before they blow out of proportion.


Having checked out the causes, let us now quickly check out some toothache remedies as well!


Salt & Pepper

Our common table salt mixed with pepper goes well in treating tooth sensitivity that sets in due to cavities and eroding enamel of the tooth. Both these ingredients carry rich amounts of analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Mixing these ingredients in equal portions with water into a paste and applying to the affected tooth directly gives good amount of relief.



Garlic, due to its antibiotic properties is a great natural treatment for toothache in kids (and adults too!!). For immediate and effective relief from toothache, rub in some crushed garlic along with some table salt onto the kid’s affected tooth. This will alleviate the pain instantly or may even cure it altogether.


The Potato Therapy

Who would think that a potato could provide relief from pain! But it surely does. Take a small piece of potato and put in the freezer of your refrigerator to cool. Let your kid place this cold piece of potato in his mouth over the tooth in pain. This acts as a cold compress, soothing the pain. If the kid is fussy about the potato, try this therapy with a piece of cold cucumber.



Peppermint is a natural pain reliever and its coolant effect works wonders in soothing the area that is paining. Let the kid munch on some dried mint leaves from the side of the affected tooth for relief from tooth pain.


Clove Oil

Cloves and clove oil have been used for toothache since ages now. Known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and anesthetic qualities, this common kitchen ingredient find its place in even several of the over-the-counter tooth pain medications. Use ground clove powder mixed with some vegetable oil on the affected area or dab some clove oil directly using a cotton ball on the tooth that is paining to lower the pain as well fight any tooth infection that may be causing the pain.



Use asafoetida for dental issues like toothache and swollen gums in kids. Add some asafoetida to a tsp of lemon juice or even clarified butter and warm the mixture slightly. Apply this to the affected tooth or gum for instant relief from pain.


Warm Salt Water Gargle

Try the age-old therapy of a warm salt water gargle to relieve toothache in your kid. Warm water mixed with salt works great in reducing inflammation while also ridding the tooth and related area of infection-causing bacteria. 


While these methods do give you tips on how to help a toothache in kids, avoiding use of over-the-counter pain drugs for kids in a big way, nothing can beat good oral care and a visit to the dentist once the kid is in lesser pain.


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