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High (and low) blood pressure is a serious problem that affects millions. It can be the beginning of an onslaught of illnesses that can drastically reduce the functionality and pleasure of your life. They are almost always the result of or result in severe illnesses. Ask any doctor, or any victim, and they’ll give you an ominous description of what it is like to be afflicted with the disease.


Blood pressure problems can be the result of many things, but it should be noted that blood pressure tends to increase with age. That is natural and there is nothing that can be done about it. However, it is important to try and keep that increase under control. Diet and lifestyle are the primary causes of high blood pressure. Sedentary living and oily foods, such as fast foods, are some of the modern causes of high blood pressure.


Since the illness can really limit your living, and take much of the pleasure of life away from you, and since it is the gateway to deadly health conditions, it behoves the individual to restrain the problem before it gets out of hand. Keeping yourself in check early on will give you a significant advantage, as it does with many illnesses that forms over time. Don’t let the opportunity slip while you still have a chance.


Home remedies such as the ones listed in this article can be useful in winning that battle. Combined with a healthy living, which includes but is not limited to a good diet and regular exercise, potential blood pressure problems can be done away with. You’ll extend your life’s longevity by a healthy amount and won’t have to worry about possible restrictions on living.


Here are some home remedies for high blood pressure:


  1. Garlic


Should one be surprised that the miracle ingredient garlic makes an appearance here? It does much good for the body all over, but it is also one of the first recommendations for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Studies have been conducted to test the effect of garlic’s constituent compounds on the body and it is very positive. It was shown that people who consumed garlic regularly had a decreased blood pressure.


You can chew garlic raw or consume garlic oil. Garlic oil is a better option because it contains higher concentrations of the important compounds.


  1. Ginger and Cardamom Tea


Where garlic is, ginger is not far away. Ginger tea is another of those recommendations that is very popular and happens to help with many things. Cardamom powder has proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure, according to an Indian journal of medicine. Ginger has also been proven to do the same in separate studies. You can have either as teas or mix them up together to receive a strong dose of the benefits.


  1. Spinach


Spinach, Popeye’s favourite, can help reduce your blood pressure! The green veggie can do many things, but we’re focusing on its high potassium concentrations here. It is because of this that it can reduce the blood pressure in the body.


  1. Flaxseeds


It is known as the miracle substance, the ingredient that is taking the world by storm. And with good reason. Flaxseed is rife with good stuff for the body, not the least of which is omega-3 fatty acids. Overall, it contains a lot of compounds that contribute towards the reduction of blood pressure.


There’s really no excuse to start on a diet and lifestyle change that will reduce your blood pressure. It is an incredibly dangerous health condition to have and once beyond a certain point, the consequences become irreversible and deadly. Fortunately, you do have some natural and organic solutions to turn to. As you can see, these are readily available and affordable, so you should begin as immediately as possible.


We hope you’ll consider these home remedies and push back your blood pressure.


Image source: Live Science