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The noise is made. The smell is smelled. The embarrassment is seen, heard and felt, and if it could be felt, it would be felt. Everyone knows what has happened and the heat of the stare, like the heat of a star, is melting the skin off your bones. Flatulence has made its presence known.


It is a fairly common problem. Many do look to medication, treatments, changes in diet and lifestyle and home remedies to ease the severity of the problem. It’ll crop up every now and then - there’s no miracle cure to anything after all - but the point is action can be taken to curb the nasty problem of flatulence.


It should be said that a variety of factors can go into the likeliness of the appearance of the illness. A healthy lifestyle which involves a healthy diet, which is important for a multitude of reasons, is one way of avoiding catching flatulence. In many cases, it’ll appear anyway, despite some measures taken to prevent the descent into gastrointestinal problems. That’s where this article comes in.


In this session of home remedies, we’re offering a series of treatments that’ll help you overcome and better manage the problem of flatulence.


So here are the home remedies for your flatulence:


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar appears again. Aren’t we glad that such a substance exists? It helps quite a bit with the problem of flatulence. It eliminates all the bad stuff in the body and cleanses it of all the negative bacteria in there.


Simply take 2 spoons of it with a glass of water and drink a few times a day. You can also mix it with milk and honey.


  1. Ginger


Ginger is a wonderful substance that offers a number of benefits. Not the least of which is aiding digestion and being antimicrobial. A little ginger can go a long way in taming your stomach and curbing your flatulence. It stops the gas from forming inside your stomach, which is just what you need if you’ve got the gas blues.


How about some ginger tea? It is an excellent remedy for flatulence and tastes great as well. You can also simply chew on some pieces of ginger throughout the day. That works just as well.


  1. Peppermint Tea


We’ve talked about the greatness of peppermint and peppermint tea before. It turns out that it can also aid one in the battle against flatulence. It is good for digestion and warm drinks are generally good to have after a meal. Plus, it just tastes great, so all the more reason to drink it.


You can boil some peppermint leaves in water for about fifteen minutes, strain it and then drink it. You can also use tea bags, which is just the same. Whatever your choice, consider drinking peppermint tea!


  1. Cardamom


Cardamom is a spice that regulates the formation of gas in the stomach and aids digestion.


You can have some cardamom tea or simply chew on cardamom. It is a very versatile spice with multiple benefits. It’s a thing to have, it really is.


We hope you’ll put this article to good use. It isn’t an easy problem to overcome and a lot of discomfort will be experienced before you feel that you’re much better than you were before. But the change is going to come. Time, as always, is necessary for improvement. These remedies are extremely effective at what they do, they are products of nature, after all. Don’t be discouraged if it’s taking longer than you expected.


Do remember to check with a doctor about your condition. You never know, but it could be a sign of something worse. Nothing can replace the words of a trained medical expert. Other than that, follow these remedies, which will be a great supplement to any advice the doctor has to offer.


Take care of yourself and be patient!


Image source: Doctor Well Good