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A good physique and height makes you stand out, literally. Also, nothing complements your overall personality like these two. 

About 20% or more of our body height depends upon our environment, activities and diet. Thus, we can increase our height in a natural way by following certain basic rules in our daily lives.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep helps our body to grow and produce tissue calls. While we are asleep, the Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally. Therefore, it is suggested that children should sleep for at least 11 hours while teenagers for 8 to get a good height. To ensure that you get a relaxing sleep, take a hot water bath before going to bed. You can also savour a cup of chamomile tea.

  1. Indulging in exercise and sports

Keeping the body fit through various exercises and sports activities is the best method to grow taller naturally. When you indulge in extensive workout, you take in more healthy diet, which in turn leads to good growth.

So, partake in activities such as aerobics, tennis, swimming, cricket, basketball and badminton. These activities help stretch your muscles and also detoxify the body by releasing sweat.

Swimming is definitely among the best exercises to increase height. A daily two-hour session can drastically bring a difference to your height. If started at an early stage of life, it would surely bring desired results. Moreover, breast stroke is considered a good form of swimming for a good height.

Besides swimming, stretching activities are also helpful. Opt for exercises such as bridge, car stretch, bow down, super stretch, twists, cobra stretch, and leg stretches. A daily 15-minute exercise can turn out to be really beneficial.

One can also try hanging exercises to grow taller. Make sure you arrange a bar for these. Try hanging for 10 seconds to begin with. Do it in sets of 12 for at least two minutes every day.

     3. Yoga

Yogasanas are another great way to grow taller. They not only bring all round fitness, but are also less tiring. Asanas such as bhujangaasana, trikonasana, Vriksasana and tadasana are really helpful. Do not forget to perform Suryanamaskar along with these asanas.

     4. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a great ayurvedic herb, which helps in increasing one’s height. Various minerals present in this herb act as a catalyst in broadening the skeleton and improving bone density. This herb is easily available in over-the-counter shops. All you have to do is add two spoons of ashwagandha in a glass of lukewarm cow milk and mix sugar as per requirement. Drinking this concoction every night for 45 days can show good results. However, to ensure that it works, try avoiding fast-food items.

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     5. Drink Milk

Intake of calcium is a must for a good height as it boosts growth of bones. Since milk is a rich source of calcium, its intake can help boost height. Besides, it also contains vitamin A and protein -- mandatory for all-round development. Make sure you have at least two-three glasses of milk every day. Moreover, milk products like cream, cheese, paneer, and yoghurt are all very beneficial. 

  1. Bask in the sun 

Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for good growth and therefore, intake of some sunlight is a must. When you bask in the sun, you soak in the vitamin B, thereby strengthening your bones. An hour in the sun therapy is great for achieving good height.

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  1. Maintain a good posture

Besides diet and exercises, a good posture also acts as a catalyst in attaining a good height. So, just keep your head and neck in alignment  without bending. This posture keeps the spine straight, eases the body and therefore, increases the height. So, whenever you sit on a chair, just keep your shoulders straight and chin high.

  1. Water therapy

Water is the answer to all ailments, be it for skin or body. So, ensure that you drink enough water to keep youself hydrated. This way you will flush out all toxins from your body and aide digestion. Once the metabolism rate comes on track, it directly affects your height in a positive manner.