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What are Alfalfa Seeds?

Alfalfa seeds, also known as the father of all foods, is an Arabic relative to the pea plant, which is commonly used in the Middle East before the starters even start. The Alfalfa plant itself is used while it is in several stages of growth – seeds, sprouts, stems and even flowers. Known as a popular remedy to indigestion, Alfalfa seeds are especially useful as a vitamin supplement – for Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K – all of which are essential to human growth and healthy development.

In addition to that, Alfalfa seeds are also known for their various other medicinal uses. The following are just a few of the many medicinal uses of the Alfalfa seeds.

What are the benefits of Alfalfa seeds?

  1. Cardiovascular Health:
    Now being used as a preventative drug for atherosclerosis and a blood detoxifier, Alfalfa seeds are known to prevent calcium deposits, and aid overall cardiovascular health.
  2. Inflammation:
    Highly rich in chlorophyll, Alfalfa seeds are can help purify blood and reduce inflammation and overall easing of arthritis.
  3. Menopause:
    As a natural source of female hormones like progesterone and estrogen, Alfalfa seeds help promote hormonal health for women and even help ease the pain of endometriosis and hormonal imbalance.
  4. Digestion:
    High in betaine and other digestive enzymes, Alfalfa seeds are great for breaking down large carbs and proteins. Also, Alfalfa seeds are high in beta carotene, which only aids and nourishes the digestive epithelial cells and the mucus lining.

Easy ways to use them

With so many benefits, it is human nature to want to include it in your diet. The Alfalfa seeds can be incorporated into your daily life with a number of ways. The seeds can be sprouted and used in salads and sandwiches to add an extra crunch and nutritional kick to your snacks. The seeds can also be added to various foods for its dense flavor. However, it must be noted that Alfalfa seeds should be eaten in moderation as too much of it can lead to hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy – which is why it is advised not to eat Alfalfa seeds during pregnancies.

Alfalfa itself is a great super food and there are several ways of using them to get the many benefits of the plant. The Alfalfa seeds are a great way to start growing the plant in your garden. Click here to check out what more Joy By Nature has in its super foods collection.