Blozzom.in Team

We are here to discuss a million dollar industry which is run by one single plant. Imagine the benefits behind this succulent, juicy, cactus looking plant. Yes we are talking about Aloe Vera!

The plant has integrated uses for almost everything we know. Right from health benefits, to beauty products to diet supplements and for ornamental purposes, Aloe Vera miracle is known to all.

This two feet tall plant has known for its gooey gel which has extremely beneficial healing properties. Its bitter taste acts as a defence against animals, birds and insects.

What’s there in Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera gel has 95% water and rest is stored most of the bio-active compounds like essential amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Poly-phenol is an antioxidant and is found immensely in Aloe Vera. This anti oxidant ceases the growth of harmful bacteria thus prevents infection.

Aloe Vera gel is widely used in topical medication, which means it’s applied on skin rather than eaten. Its application works excellent on sore skin, sunburns and common burns.

Aloe Vera juice is used as a mouth wash. It has been found that inhibits the growth of plaque which is the main cause of various dental problems. Chlorhexidine contained in mouth wash is the compound which makes aloe Vera an ideal mouthwash.


Do you know what are Cancer Sores, commonly they are called mouth ulcers. Most of us experience mouth ulcers in our life time. Aloe Vera juice is found beneficial in treating these ulcers and also reducing pan causes by them.

The natural latex found in the specie makes it an ideal medication for constipation treatment. The sticky latex found under the skin of Aloe Vera leaves contain Aloin compound which is a natural laxative.

The most desirable benefit of Aloe Vera is that it improves skin elasticity. The gel increases the production of collagen hence improves the skin quality. Aloe Vera gel also helps in hydration of skin and treats skin redness. It is also believed that Aloe Vera has found beneficial in treatment of Psoriasis and radiation dermatitis.

People who complain about their blood sugar levels must take Aloe Vera as it enhances the insulin sensitivity.

Weight loss: Detoxification and improved digestion automatically controls body weight. Aloe Vera has the capability to handle your weight by detoxifying your entire system. Aloe Vera will lighten your toxic load thus giving you more energy.

Detoxification of body: The aloe Vera gel helps in removal of toxins as the gel absorbs toxins from our gut and thus eliminates harmful wastes from our body. Our body gets detoxified.

Alkalization of body: If the body environment is alkaline diseases won’t grow into the body system. There are people who stay on a high acidic diet, you are actually pushing yourself towards the pool of diseases. Aloe Vera  maintains the body alkalinity. Always remember the 80:20 rule. Consume foods that are 80% alkaline in nature and 20% acidic in nature.

Health: Though there is no evident truth behind Aloe Vera reducing risk of heart diseases but it’s been researched that when Aloe Vera gel is injected into the blood stream it increases the transportation of oxygen. More oxygen will automatically regulate blood pressure and lower down cholesterol levels too. Thus aloe Vera juice can improve the cardiovascular health.

Boost your immunity: The white blood cells of our body control the immunity.  Polysaccharides in the Aloe Vera juice stimulate the activity of WBC’s.  Aloe Vera contains high level of anti oxidants thus enhancing the immunity level  as it reduces the flow of free radicals.

There is a lot of potential in this plant however in case of any greater health risks always consult your doctor. Long term usage of this plant can lead to loss of electrolytes from the body especially potassium. Some people may also develop some skin allergies while opting for the topical treatment. So reap the benefits of this plant wisely.

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