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“Gerald Scarfe”, is the most prominent & intellectual English cartoonist & illustrator. As he spells out his own quotation, “Well I was an asthmatic child. So that for most of my childhood I was in bed. Bedridden.

In world of disease, Asthma is a chronic one that affects on inhaling and makes it hard for a person to breath properly. The act of this painful disease is to narrow the ways of nose to pass air. One who is victimized by this disease have always problem to breathe in and out, the symptoms of this chronic disease are- wheezing, shortness of sleep, chest tightness, headache etc. In recent research, the sum of total patients who are in touch with this disease are approximately estimated at 12% in India, but If we talk about prevention of this deadly disease that is easily possible by following some of home remedies.

Some incredible organic remedies preventing asthma-

  • Honey- For all the asthma prevention seekers, this luscious nectar woks like a panacea in controlling this deadly disease, although honey said to be useful in several diseases and it works in asthma as well. One teaspoon of honey can be had with a half spoon of ‘cinnamon powder’ by mixing each other for 5 minutes, then after have this organic remedy thrice in a day for getting rid of asthma especially at its first stage.

  • Ginger- This hard smelling vegetable prevents several ailment as well as asthma, ginger said to decrease airways inflammation. And, some of practicals and researches elaborate that ginger has compounds that can increase muscle’s rest effects to some of certain asthma drugs. Especially, people who have felt having asthma at first stage they must start consuming ginger or organic ginger tea at a proper way to get rid of it easily.

  • Coffee- If one side coffee is beloved to all due to its magical taste so another side it has lots of health benefits including asthma as well. Coffee contains “caffeine” in a massive storage that controls occurring attacks of asthma because of being as a “bronchodilator”. Mostly, organic coffee works expectedly good to reduce this problem. The proper consumption of coffee can alleviate the occurrences of asthma. That is why; it is always advised by some good and experienced experts to have coffee not just only for its beneficial effects but also for the purpose of asthma. 

  • Green tea- In most of the practical it has been proven that green tea is a best organic remedy to prevent asthma, because it contains “antioxidant” in a huge quantity which results a complete relief from this disease. Consumption of organic green tea 3 to 4 times not only will help getting rid of asthma but will evict all little kind of pestilential diseases like cough and cold, regular headache. It glows the skin too, therefore, it is highly recommended to all of us having green tea for further prevention.
  Keep yourself off from the arrival of asthma organically.

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