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Medical and cosmetic, bath salts fit in when any of these benefits are talked about. Their use has been discussed extensively and they have been tried, tested and trusted for their benefits since decades. They dissolve in hot water and add many benefits depending on their chemical nature. The direct benefits can be related to their chemical composition and thus you see aisle full of different varieties of bath salts in malls. So be sure that bath salts are not luxury product to be fancied from distance but a cool product to be tried for its benefit.

Leaving aside the chemical composition, in the following blog we will be discussing some ways in which you can add health to your bath tub. We will also try to explore various additives added to bath salts which make one variety different from other and even more desirable. So gear up to know how you can relieve mental and muscle tension and also treat some common diseases by just adding few simple, colourful, beautiful looking and easily available bath salts to your tub.

Bath Salts come in various varieties!

While some are sesquicarbonates, or hexametaphosphates or borax salts or sodium citrate, some are phosphates, others are magnesium sulphate or just sodium chloride but all are unique in their action when mixed in hot tub. Bath salts dissolve easily and turn hard water to soft water. This is the basic benefit of using bath salts even if you are considering to adding the simplest Epsom salt to your tub. The additives added while making different types of bath salts make a huge difference.

Glycerine: It is the most common additive and this ingredient is responsible for hydrating action of bath salts. Those with dry skin are suggested to go for varieties with more concentration of glycerine. Glycerine also benefits in soothing cracked, scarred or burned skin. Other than glycerine other ingredients commonly added to bath salts include:

Bath oil beads: Salts like mentioned above are useful for their action but for making bath salts more attractive fragrances and colours are added by means of certain non-harmful chemical ingredients called bath beads. There is a range and wide variety of such ingredients and all manufacturers are bound to follow legislations set by registered authorities before settling on any chemical ingredient. Coloured and pleasantly smelling bath salts act as eye candy! They are meant to make your tub session more colourful and enjoyable.

Treatment oils: These refer to essential oils added to bath salts during the manufacturing cycle. Adding oils brings in extra benefits because you are mixing two good ingredients in one product. Specific oils like lavender and jasmine help relaxing nervous system while eucalyptus oil and citrus oil help relieve chest congestion. Similarly, some specifically tested essential oils (wintergreen, ginger root, tea tree etc.) helping in arthritis, joint inflammation, eczema, dandruff, psoriasis and others are also used varyingly depending on the type of bath salt being processed. So you know it cannot harm in any way but select a variety to suit and compliment your needs appropriately.

Sometimes some pleasantly smelling oils are added for their smell itself. This is so because when mixed in bath salts their potency reaches usable standards or else they are too strong to be directly used.

Exfoliating agents: For benefitting user’s skin and circulation in it; exfoliating agents are also added to some varieties of bath salts. These can be natural or chemical in origin but their amount in bath salts is maintained to levels essential for effectiveness and safety both.

With the above clarification, you now won’t wonder why a hot tub bath with bath salts leaves you with a happy soul and completely relaxed body. Don’t ignore the beauty benefits glycerine, exfoliators and essential oils bestow to your skin!

A full range and a look at all tempting beautifully decorated jars might confuse you. But with above glimpse of additives, the ingredient list of any bath salt variety can help you make a pick intelligently. Trying new varieties is never a ‘NO’ because bath salts are majorly natural products and thus you cannot harm yourself with them.

So next time you see those attractive bottles filled with coloured crystals and powders be sure to add one to your cart and try this amazing mind and body relaxing wondrous bathing accessory for yourself.

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