Chutney-something, us Indians, cannot live without

Image Source: Recipe Hubs

There is one food item which accompanies every dish on your menu. From boring food to fun food, from “samosas” to “papad”-it compliments all kind of food and this food item is none other but our all time favorite –chutney.  Chutney is a side dish which comes in various flavors and tastes. Some are tangy whereas some are hot.

Chutneys make any food delicious. Even children like chutneys and mother love it too as it turns any dull food to a mouthwatering food item, and chutneys are nutritious as well.  This blog will guide you to various types of chutneys that will complement your regular diet. At joy by nature wide ranges of chutney available.

  • Mix Fruit chutney- these are chutneys which contain fruit extracts. Spread it on chapattis and roll it to make your wrap rolls within few minutes.
  • Apricot chutney- this chutney contains apricot extracts which trigger your taste buds. It’s healthy and tasty.

  • Orange chutney- This chutney contains every quality of fresh oranges. It is organic in nature and hence it adds all the nutrition that oranges provide. One of the best factors is that you can now have oranges not only in the winters but throughout the year.
  • Mango almond chutney- Mangoes have the unique flavor and smell which drives everybody hungry and almonds being a dry fruit is rich in vitamin. Thus, this chutney not only promotes you taste but your health as well.
  • Green peanutchutney: This is a dry chutney and contains red chillies, cumin seeds, sugar, garlic and peanuts. It is a burst of all kind of flavors. It helps to spice up boring food.

  • Plum chutney- Having plum is so easy now. Whenever you want to feed on plum, just order this plum chutney. This chutney contains all the goodness and taste of plum
  • Kiwi chutney- Other than supermarkets, kiwi is not available easily. But this chutney solves this problem as it contains fresh kiwis in it. Kiwi is extremely good for healthy skin and is agood source of thevitamin. Thus, this chutney is a must in everybody’s diet.

  • Peach chutney- peaches too are not available easily and even if it is available, peaches are very expensive making it unaffordable my many of us. But no worries, the peach chutney comes to our rescue which contains peach extracts and is economical too.
  • Hot and sweet tomato chutney- This chutney contains the best of both flavours.The hot taste spices you up, and the sweetness soothes you. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c and hence this chutney is healthy as well as tasty.

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