Cool This Summer With Cooling Fruit Juices

Image Source: Stylecraze

Summer is knocking our doors and we are well set to bid farewell to this cold and chilly winter. Summer comes with the urge to feel cool and comfortable throughout the day. Excessive heat can dehydrate your body and make you feel restless. We generally use air-conditioners or coolers to comfort ourselves. Try something new this time. Consume refreshing summer drinks for a change and feel the heat no more scorching. Enjoy the warmth this summer but feel cool on the inside.

Why use juices as cooling agents?

Water is the key to every problem in most of the cases but in this case drinking water is not enough. Keep your stomach and body cool this summer by the following list of fresh juices, which can be made or found very easily.

Handmade fruit drinks and juices:

  • Orange squashes: Make your own orange squash with fresh and ripe oranges.

  • Indian Lemonade: Keep yourself cool on a hot summer day with just one refreshing glass of the most commonly called nimbupani/ shikanji.
  • Coconut water: Beat the summer heat in no time by drinking tender coconut water. These are readily available and are very cheap too.
  • Watermelon juice: Rich in vitamin C, watermelon has great cooling effects.
  • Mango juice: Mango juices are very healthy and are very helpful when it comes to quench one’s thirst. It is one of the most frequent refreshing drinks and is loved by almost every individual.

  • Apple Juice: Apple juice reduces oxidative stress and acts as a perfect fresh juice that helps you stay energized.

  • Sweet kale grape juice: Prepare this delicious but refreshing juice with grapes and kale in a juicer. Kale adds a refreshing flavor to the bitter after taste of grape juice.

Ingredients that you can use to cool your juices:

Give different flavors and garnish your fruit juice to make your drink more delicious and refreshing. Here are few easily obtainable items that you may add to your drinks to increase the cooling effects.

  • Holy basil
  • Rose water/ petals
  • Saffron
  • Cardamom powder
  • Almond milk
  • Mint

Needless to say, fruits are known to be very beneficial by far. By drinking fruit juices, you are consuming large portions of required nutrients for a day. Just squeeze your fruits and have your juice/ sherbets ready in no more than ten minutes.

Do not worry about the fibers getting lost after squeezing the fruits because squeezed fruits are as nourishing as eating a whole fruit.

The best way to draw the most out of your fruit juices is by squeezing them. Alternatively, fruit juices can be provided in various types: cans, bottles and cartons. Your stomach cooling juices should be righteously selected because sports juices may lack the essential nutritional element. Use Organic juice cartons so that the nutritive value after getting pasteurized is not lost. JBN has a big collection of fresh juice that will help you keep yourself cool throughout the summers.

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