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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a kind of sleep disorder which causes us to stop breathing during night times. It is very commonly found in the United States of America. Sleep apnea may exist for 10 minutes to hours while we are sleeping. It may occur several times while we are sleeping. During these situations you may have high risk of getting heart stroke. Reduce your body weight, be physically fit. Obese people have high chances to getting strokes during night times.

Go to bed same time everyday

Make it a habit of going to sleep at same time every day. Because after some days your body will be adjusted to that kind of routine and you may eventually get sleep at your sleep time. Once try this and you will be satisfied with the results.

Apply Stress to your Body

It has been proved that the person who goes to gym or the person who does exercise regularly have improved their sleep. So you too go for a walk at least and push your body, try to give some strain to your body. If you don’t stress your body probably your muscles will be in relaxed state all the day and they won’t relax again.

Meditation and Yoga

Doctors believe that the persons who do meditation and yoga daily will get sleep quickly. Even my dad sleeps quickly and sleeps more. So practice meditation for at least 15 minutes per day. It may solve your problem to some extent.

Opt for Natural Remedies

There are lot of natural solutions which include L-theanine, Aromatherapy and Valerian. These are all natural products which are obtained in nature which can prevent your sleeping disorder to full extent. Consumption of the above items can make you sleep comfortable. Though they may be costly, but gives better results. Just opt for them.

If your case is still worse, then opt for sleeping tablets

Perhaps it is not ideal for us to depend on sleeping tablets. Better consult a doctor and take his suggestions and try to follow all the above listed things. If still face this problem, in that case you have to opt for tablets. And try to take less powerful tablets.

Watch a Movie every night

If you are not getting sleep, better go to a late night show movie in your city. So after late night you will reach home, then you have to read a book or watch something for some time. In my view every person will get sleep at some particular time. You have to wait for that particular time. Besides, you may play your favourite game.

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