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With the advent of knowledge and technology, there is lot of things by which the common man is able to lead a long & healthy life. People take lot of interest in gathering information about the methods by which one can defeat the possibility of any kind of medical imperfections. There are some people who get scared of Asthma, instead of going through some Natural Medication; they indulge in taking medicines for years without any positive result. Well there is absolutely nothing to get scared because it has been proved by various eminent experts dealing in Natural Herbal Tea for Asthma, that it can be cured without much trouble. The main problem that a person suffering from Asthma goes through is that when a person finds it difficult to breathe. It happens when his / her wind pipe starts contracting, which normally does not happen in a healthy person. People get affected by dust, pollen, animal or any other thing. So once you know about it, and then avoid it completely.

The first thing an Asthma Patient should do is to research about the food, juices or medicines made by pure Herbs that can help him fight Asthma.

Foods that can help fight Asthma are:

  • One should start eating lot of fruits & make it a habit to drink at least two glasses of juice. This should be done because it has very good source of Vitamin C, which can prevent Asthma.
  • Drinking of Herbal Tea regularly will definitely be helpful to you in order to fight away Asthma. As these Natural Drinks contain Theobromine, is effective bronchodilator which aids in relaxing the Bronchial Tubes.


  • Using of Fish Oil also has been proved to be very good component to fight Asthma. So switch to this oil & very soon you will see improvement in your health.



  • Some people feel that spicy food like- Spicy Mustard, Garlic & Onions are not good but in fact these foods have Anti- Asthmatic properties because they are Natural Food as well.


Some of the Best Home Remedies for Treating Asthma are:

Mustard Oil:

This is one type of oil that is present in our kitchen. There are various uses of this particular oil ranging from cooking to body massage. Well you will be happy to know that when this pure Organic Mustard Oil is mixed with Camphor, then it results into a high medicinal value. So just warm it up & apply it on your chest.  Regular usage of this will give you positive results.

Clove Oil:

A very simple and effective way of curing the Respiratory Ailment is by boiling 4 to 5 pieces of Clove. For taste plus to enhance your immune system as well add a table spoon of Honey in the boiled Clove pieces. So all those who are having Asthma should undertake this medication twice a week & you will feel the change in a month itself. If you are not comfortable with this process, then you can also get pure Organic Clove Oil from the market to help you defeat the ailment.

Gooseberries ( Amla ):

Getting Gooseberries from the Vegetable Store or Vegetable Market is not tough, especially if it is known to have nutrients that can help you in curing Respiratory Ailment or Asthma. Cut 2 to 3 pieces of Gooseberries into small pieces, and then crush them plus add Honey to get a sweet taste. One can simply get Herbal Amla Juice. Taking this at least 1 to 2 hours before meal will help you in fighting Asthma easily without any hassle. 

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