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Image Source: Buzz Nigeria

Sexual pleasures have been an integral element of life since time immemorial. Statistics say that a good sex life is what keeps couples going. Though sexual talks and desires are looked upon as sins and unnatural, sexual intercourse is the most natural ongoing of a person’s life. For females, their vaginal health is important, and for men it is their penis which is to be kept intact. A lot of times, men seem to be unhappy with the size of their penis, which leads to problems in their sexual life, or rather an absence of sex. Women also prefer their men to have larger penis, as it helps to cater their desires.

There are various ways in which men can enlarge their penis; surgeries, enlargement products, treatments, etc.


Though surgeries may be a good idea for the short run and a limited period of time, they aren’t always a good option for the long run. Surgeries may lead to side effects, health condition and defect in sexual organs which may be harmful for the human body.


Synthetic Products: Artificial or synthetic products deceive the buyer/user through the promises they make. These products assure quick results, but what they do not state is that their results are faulty. Knowing the goodwill of the brand which is selling the product is always a benefit, as it tells you about the credibility and accountability of the company.

Natural Product: Products made from natural elements are always more reliable than products which contain chemical and synthetic elements which are not good for health. There are capsules and oils which are very beneficial for penis enlargement


  • Enlargement of Penis and strength improvement
  • Beneficial for the length and thickness of the penis
  • Improves physical fitness and mental alertness
  • Reliable safe sex stimulant for men
  • Reduces performance anxiety
  • Helps in obtaining a greater satisfaction and sexual confidence
  • Increases blood circulation, and adds sensitivity and sensation
  • Effortless and dependable erecting
  • Increased stamina which benefits both you and your partner

When to use?

The capsules and oils should be used one hour before having sexual intercourse, preferably at night. The use of both the capsule and the oil may not be recommended, as it may lead to overdose of medical elements.

To keep in mind

The products which you use are totally under your control. You should notice if the product is doing any harm to your body, rather than benefits. Also, before using any product, you should refer to a doctor.


Penis enlargement, however, is not that a crucial part in the process of sexual intercourse. Different people have different preferences and end of the day it all depends on the partners. Have a happy sex life!