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Professor Tom Sanders, an expert in nutrition and dietetics from Kings College University in London, has advised that “if you are feeling tired, heartbeat speeding up, and heavy periods then make an appointment and consult a doctor and get the condition diagnosed”

Anemia can be a sign of some serious illnesses and that’s very awful news. So, you require checking first with your doctor and ensuring that you don’t have hemolytic anemia, sickle cell anemia or sideroblastic anemia. These types of anemia happen due to out of order of your body which can be treated through appropriate medical interference only. You should know that your red blood cell calculation has gone actually low and they can’t now take sufficient oxygen to your body parts. So, you necessitate supplying essential nutrients to your body so as to care for those relating to diet deficiency anemia.

Here are some amazing home remedies to treat Anemia-

Sesame Seeds -Sesame seeds are up till now one more ingredient that may outstandingly work to care for anemia. Particularly the black sesame seeds enrich basis of iron. There is more than one way to have sesame seeds for anemia. Soak sesame seeds in water for two hours, then strain and squash the seeds to get a paste. Add some tbls of honey to this sesame seeds paste and mix it well together.  Have this honey-sesame paste two times in a day.


Whole grains and Nuts for Anemia- As you now know, your body can get two types of nutritional iron- heme and nonheme- from two sources namely plant and animal based foods. Heme iron is found in animals, mostly red meat, fish and poultry. Nonheme iron can be found in both plants as well as animal based food. Vegetarian sources of nonheme iron are green leafy vegetables, grains, lentils and beans.


Legumes, Whole grains, as well as dry fruits are good quality vegetarian sources of iron and folic acid. On the other hand, you require having evenhanded vegetarian diet if you be going to source your iron from plant based foods for the reason that heme iron, which you get from animals can be engrossed well by your body without depending upon other dietary factors. Inclusion of nonheme iron, though, depends upon other foods too that you eat. So, take an evenhanded diet and also keep away from certain other foods.



Dates Remedy for Anemia- mouth-watering palm tree fruits, dates, are enriched source of iron. Per 100 g of dates contain 0.90 mg of iron. Thus, it makes a fine cure for anemia as it helps boost hemoglobin in your blood. Dates are also wealthy in such minerals as calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Copper mostly is required for the manufacture of red blood cells. So have dates daily to care for your anemia.

Raisins Remedy to Cure Anemia- Raisins are an outstanding source of a variety of nutrients with calcium, potassium, fiber, iron, sodium and protein. A 100 g of these dried grapes can offer you with 1.88 mg iron. A lot of customary medicines use raisins to cure anemia.

Tomatoes To Treat Anemia- Just having more iron is not enough. You should be able to take in that iron too. For this, in the middle of other food, you can consume tomatoes for best results. Tomatoes are enriching in Vitamin C and lycopene. Vitamin C is required by your body to absorb iron.

Anemia happens due to out of order in your body which can be cured through appropriate medical interference only.

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