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According to BMJ journal Heart says, “It may actually be good for your heart so consume it on routine basis”

Suppose you are zap and need instant reaction to become jubilant. All things around you fail to restore the specific charm, in that case, only one thing can give birth to a new mood inside you – the chocolate. These are rich in flavour and quite delicious when you eat them, it also increases immunity. Inventing urge inside you to have another bite being enthusiastic and instantly grab the whole one in one bite. Certainly, to savor it act more like a battle which you fail to conquer and gulp it as fast as you can. Beyond any query, with tempting taste, these always make you to surrender before them, but don’t forget, it instantly gets you the requisite flavor.

 Some relevant benefits of chocolates are;

Reduces Cholesterol Level: A study published in Journal of Nutrition states that chocolate bar contains Plant sterols and cocoa and has an intense effect on the cholesterol levels. The study implies that it supports cardiovascular health and further helps in controlling blood pressure. With protein and honey it is easily accomplished.

Memory decline:  Another research at Howard Medical science manifests the fact that if you consume two cups of chocolate milk every day, certainly your memory will not deceive you in your old age. One of the key ingredient of chocolate – cocoa helps in reduction of damage in nerve path, in that case, it prevents the memory loss.

Combats heart disease: According to the reports published in British Medical Journal – the consumption of chocolates lowers the risk of developing heart attack. There is no need to work out, just have the chocolate to relish life. Not only that, Canadian scientists also confirmed that the people eating chocolate have less populate among them who consume it.  Looking firmly into the matter, the ingredients do play the relevant part in guiding your heart to be strong which naturally prevents the stroke.

Fetal growth:  The chocolate is as well beneficial for Pregnancy for the Fetal development of the women. But it shall not exceed more than 30 grams per day. With optimal amalgamation of cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, milk, lecithin, masala bon bon and vanilla, the chocolate moulds more genuine to combat any type of disease during pregnancy.

Nutritious: The chocolates are quite nutritious which underpin a decent quantity of soluble fibre.  As the key ingredients it supports are like fibre – 11 gram, 89% for RDA of Copper, 58% for RDA of Magnesium and 67% for RDA of Iron, all beneficial in offering a stable health along with 600 calories of sugar.


Throughout the span of your life, mothers have always denounced eating extra dry fruit chocolate but frankly while poring over the above mentioned features, it is clear as crystal that chocolates are not the advocates of ill health, however, like any other eatery these ought to be taken in specific limit.

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                One can’t survive on one bite of chocolate!