Food supplements to keep you free of deficiency diseases

Image Source: livestrong

People generally need the basic nutrients to keep their body running and also to help the body metabolism to function without any kind of trouble. Any form of deficiency in the nutrient level that is taken up every day or if the person misses out completely on a particular nutrition, the end result will be seen in the person.

All the disorders caused by the deficiency of nutrients persist in a person one way or the other. These deficiencies can be easily seen in the exterior of a person. The disorders can affect any of the organs or the parts in the human body. These need to be tackled in the very start and if it is left to persist, it will surely have a bad effect on the body. In today’s world, finding a treatment for the deficiency disorders is pretty easy.

Disorders and their course of action

Many people will have a sudden onset of these disorders and may wonder what they have been doing wrong the whole time. Usually these disorders will remain dormant in the body and wait for the accumulation of the deficiencies and then show their action on the body when it reaches beyond a certain limit. Generally, people face the disorders when there is a lack of the vitamins and minerals.

There are several deficiencies that are related to the improper or the lack of intake of these components in the daily diet. A few of these deficiencies includes, night blindness, scurvy, rickets, beri-beri, pellagra and anaemia. In these cases, doctors prescribe some form of food supplements to the people if they have difficulties in adding the nutrients.

Supplements for deficiencies

Food supplements that are available in the market are carefully prepared keeping in mind the requirements of the people. Before its intake, one must consult the doctor and know what they have been lacking their diet that has led to such a disorder in the body. These supplements are sometimes disorders specific.

Proteins are required for the proper functioning of the metabolic activities in the body. This is very much essential in maintaining the functions of the organs. Any form of deficiency can lead to a multiple system failure. Spirulina powder, obtained from the sea weed Spirulina, can be consumed as a supplement.

  • Wheat grass extract:


Almost all the required nutrients those are required for the body is present in the wheat grass and thus makes it the best choice as a supplement. These can be consumed either in the powdered form or as capsules.

  • Vitamin B:

Vitamin B is an important source of nutrition for the body since it helps in the blood formation and purification and also for the nerve functions. Any deficiency in this nutrition can to anaemia, muscle fatigue and nervous system damage.

  • Vitamin D:

It is a well known fact that Vitamin D is an important form of nutrition to help in the formation of the bones. People with such a deficiency will start to get symptoms for the disorder called as rickets or the bowing leg syndrome. Other form of bone abnormalities including bone brittleness sets in.

All the supplements that are available for the disorders due to the nutrient deficiency help to treat the disorder before it takes a course for bad. Click here to check the products at Joy by Nature for treating the disorders.