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Foot problems can range from mild discomfort while walking to outright pain even when seated. No matter what the cause is, one thing’s certain. Foot problems mean you are not going places. Scroll down to find out about the different problems and how you can treat them.


People suffering from diabetes have a host of other problems accompanying them. These include reduced vision, weakness and even gangrene. The reduced blood flow causes muscle pain and trouble in their peripheral veins and hence feet pain. You may even lose feeling in them if your nerves are damaged. The excess glucose in the blood can cause any sores in the feet to develop into infections. Treatment usually includes use of antibiotics and surgery to cauterise the infection. Severe cases might even lead to amputation.


When you rub the same spot on your feet too many times or a lot of friction acts on one part of your skin, you can develop a bump called a corn. These bumps usually just hurt when pressure is applied on them but they can develop into infections too. You can try to wear down the excess skin using a pumice stone or try and cut out the excess using a nail cutter. Be careful though; if you cause the corn to turn into an infection, you might need to take antibiotics.

Ingrown nails

There are a few common foot problems that painfully remind you every second of their existence but none is better than ingrown nails. When the edge of your nail starts pressing onto your skin to the point of growing into it, you develop an ingrown nail. The most common cause is not wearing shoes that fit you properly. You can avoid this by trimming away the sharp edges of your nails using a nail trimmer. Avoid treating ingrown nails at home because they rarely end well. If you end up giving yourself an infection, a doctor might have to prescribe some antibiotics.


Cracks are extremely unattractive to look at and can get painful in cold winters. Cracks occur due to exposure, nerve damage or high glucose levels. They can also be a beginning towards infections. A good home remedy is to rub butter on them at night. You can always try using moisturising lotions to help soften your feet. A visit to a dermatologist is always recommended for severe cases.

Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal disorder amongst people who wear shoes all the time. The fungus begins to grow in between your toes making them red and itchy. To prevent this, avoid wearing the same shoes all the time. Wear socks made of cotton or wool which won’t retain moisture. Keep your feet clean and dry.

These are only a few problems that plague our feet. Thankfully a multitude of organic products exist which can help in maintaining their health. Drop by to Joy by Nature  website to find out about such products.