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Weight is an issue, whether less or more. People who are underweight do not have enough calories to fuel their bodies. To be more specific, they might be suffering from malnutrition without enough intakes of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, people who are so, tend to experience inhibited growth and development, fragile bones, weak immune system, anemia and more. All these are deficiencies caused by lack of nutrients in our body. Gaining weight is said easy than done. This is trickier, especially when it comes to gaining weight in a healthy way. Here are five healthy ways to track down pounds.

Eat healthy, but Dense Foods 

Now we know that many of you tried eating pizza, burger, cheese related foodies, food baked with fat, thinking these would increase weight. Definitely, this is one best way to increase weight along with possible unwanted extras inside your body. You have to learn the difference between gaining weight and gaining weight in a healthy way. The best way to drive up nutrition is having dense food. Evermore try for at least three food groups. Preferably just a banana or handful of nuts, top a few slices of whole grain toast with almond butter and banana slices, along with a glass of organic skim milk. Having a cup of organic tea can work wonders in your body. A broader varied diet provides your body with an extensive rainbow of nutrients to work with throughout the day.

Don’t try skipping meals

Your body needs a constant supply of energy since it’s like an engine that’s always turned on. Your body is on a full-time duty and you must stop being your boss and show some mercy to it. When you skip meals, you withhold your body of the fuel it needs to keep going. This results in unwanted muscle mass, lack of energy and tiredness and sometimes more than expected. The best way to restrict your body from losing any important tissues or having any kind of internal injury is to eat daily meals, aligned about three to five hours apart. If you’re trying to gain a healthy new muscle tissue, meal timing is particularly crucial. Eating all the time without any proportioned pattern actually leads to issues and more issues. Consistency matters. Maintaining perfection for some three days and losing plan won't work. Make sure you don't hurt your body in a way you will regret.

Sleep Well and Snack Well

Now, how many of us have underestimated sleeping hours without any idea of knowing the consequences. Lack of sleep is the problem for most of the issues we face physically and mentally. A lot of our healing, restoration and rehabilitation takes place while we sleep. Our body heals itself, like a mobile antivirus app, does as much as possible repairs it can. Having a little of healthy snack before bed helps the repairing work easier. All the fresh supply of nutrients inside your body ensures that you give a fresh start the next day. No, again, pizza and burger won't help. A snack here means healthy snacks that will help your tissues not ruin it. Dried fruits stand as the best example.

Drink Your Food

Keeping your body hydrated is more important than you think it is. Liquids won't give you that heavy feeling inside your stomach like your solid intake does. They can help you add nutrition without making you feel stuffed. Fruit juices and organic skim milk or milk alternatives do help. Focus on quality, not quantity. If you’re trying to gain weight in a healthy way, burgers, chips, and milkshakes all day aren’t noted for a body. Instead, choose nutrient-dense foods from all food groups you think is healthy. Consider options like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and lean protein.

Workout regularly

Healthy exercises and focusing more on strength training as opposed to activities that are going to spike your heart rate. The workout doesn't mean using your gym membership and working your soul out. Moderate-intensity cardio workouts are good and remember you don't end burning up excessive calories. Proteins that you get from eggs and milk should be highly considered. For best purposes, yoga is highly recommended. At least, you can be sure; you are not doing it high and wrong.

How easy it is to gain weight in a healthy way. This is totally possible with a planned day. If you manage to fit in all the above in your routine plan, it actually means that you should get ready to look healthy and fab and be able to handle the high amount of likes in Instagram. Stay healthy and look fab.