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Acidity is the condition that sets in if the food that has been consumed has not gone down the right way or if the food has not been properly broken down while digestion. Some of the food is sent back in the digestive tract which then starts to cause pain and distress in other parts of the body.

For a long time, consuming antacids to cure acidity or the acid reflux has been the only case. With the onset of health concerns and the problems that people faced with the chemicals in the antacids, formulations that were prepared from the extracts of the natural herbs that were free from chemical additives were preferred. These did not pose much of a threat to the people in the longer run.

Methods for acid relief

Acidity can prevail in the body in many ways. The most common symptom that most of the people face during a bout of acidity is the regular distress that they feel in the digestive tract. The main reason for this condition is that, the stomach produces an acid to breakdown the food to help digestion. If this acid is not produced in the right amount, leading to the improper breakdown, the acid starts to accumulate and starts to move up the food pipe causing the digestive distress.

Another major cause for the acidity is the consumption of oily foods and missing out on meals during any part of the day. In both the cases, again the acid that helps in the digestion will be produced in excess quantity than the usual and in the end will reach the heart if it does not have a proper place t go to. This leads to a condition called as heartburn.

The commonly available roots and herbs can be used for treating the acidity problems.

  • Garlic and ginger

Garlic and ginger have been used for treating the problems related to the digestive system for a long time. One glass of lemon juice with ginger and honey after the meal can help in easy digestion. Garlic adds flavour to the food and also helps in the breakdown of food in the stomach.

  • Tamarind leaves

A common add on to the food, the tamarind leaves can cause hyperacidity in cases where the acid level in the stomach is not sufficient to digest the food. One spoon of this extract can be taken if some form of distress starts to appear in the stomach after consuming food.

  • Triphala extract:

Triphala or three fruits, is an excellent source of remedy for all the problems related to the digestive tract. This helps to counteract the effect caused by acidity and helps to maintain the acid balance in the stomach.

  • Fenugreek seeds:

One spoon of fenugreek seeds after consuming food can relieve the pain in the intestine and the stomach caused by acidity. The mucilage coating on the seeds acts as a barrier against the toxins that irritates the lining of the stomach and the intestine.

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