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Hunger is quite common. It is not something which is out of ordinary and every living person feels hunger when food is not taken at the right time. This can be easily seen by the way they react to others. When the person gets hungry and does not take food at the right time they will end up getting cranky by the minute and start to lose their concentration on the work they have taken up. One can also get some sort of residual hunger few hours after they have taken their meals. This is exactly the time that one has to be careful.

Even after a meal is over, few hours later, one might get the feeling of being hungry. In order to satiate the hunger, the person might try to have some little snacks to get rid of those hunger pangs. But the person must also be careful about what he takes to get rid of these hunger pangs. Instead of gorging on the snacks that might add to the cholesterol level, one can switch over to some healthy munchies that will get rid of those hunger pangs and also keep the person energised.

What to watch out for

It is always advisable to take the healthy snacks instead of moving to the fried and cheesy treats since even these small treats can have an effect on the functions of the body. Indulging in snacks that are fried or something that is high on cholesterol will just add up some unnecessary fat in the body that might take a long time to burn down. The snacks are for just satisfying the short-term hunger and needs to be kept simple and healthy. Taking some healthy munchies will give the person energy and also have positive effects to the body.

Effect of hunger pangs

One might have the question that how bad a hunger pang can turn out to be and it is easy to skip a meal in a day. What these people forget is that the brain can function only if the stomach is satisfied. It must be noted that our hunger will have its effect on our mood. One might have heard or noticed a person say that they have trouble concentrating just because they forget to have their meal or that they feel irritated for everything and a small snack might cheer them up. This proves that the body needs energy to keep the brain active and running. Hunger pangs can lead to the loss of focus on work and a distinct change in the mood.

Food to take up

Confronting hunger pangs is quite simple and does not require any sort of big medication or stuff to get rid of it. Eating the right amount of food at the right time is the only solution for this condition. One cannot simply just indulge in any food that they get to drive this away. If a person takes up those high-fat content foods right after a heavy workout just to get the instant energy, is going to end up adding the calories that they lost during the workout.

These are some of the foods that can be taken when a person feels the hunger pangs acting up. Be it a snack bar or some form of treat, these foods will surely keep the body running.

  • Smoothies:

These can be prepared from the fruits and the low-fat yoghurt. These are seen to be rich in protein, calcium and fibre.

  • Salads:

Munching on the green leafy vegetables and the vegetables that are rich in nutritional content can be had any time of the day and not just before or after any meal. This will have all the good sources of energy and helps in maintaining the body functions.

  • Protein bars:

These are ideal right after a workout or while on the move. These are easy to carry around and have the protein rich foods in them like nuts, soya and raisins. Recently these have been introduced in chocolate flavour just to add taste to the health snack.

  • Organic cookies:

These are prepared entirely from produces that are organic by nature. Being organic, these do not have any bad side effects or do not add extra calories to the body.

  • Dry fruits and nuts:

These foods being rich in protein can boost the energy level immediately even when they are consumed in a limited quantity.

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