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Have trouble to sleep at night? Do you keep turning yourself with closed eyes, trying to fall asleep? Sleeplessness is a severe problem that makes you feel dazed and week in the morning and makes you tired for the whole day. I have too suffered from this, after a long research over this now I have a long list of natural and herbal options that can help in getting rid of sleeplessness and can make you fall asleep in a calm and gentle manner.


Aromatherapy along with breathing techniques sweet aroma works well in getting asleep. Sweet and pleasant smell keeps the mind, fresh and calm. Aromatherapy works great as stress relieving and is one of the most common remedies used for stress and sleeplessness. You can put few drops of lavender oil to your pillow for better sleep or can rub any cooling essential oil behind your ears, to your neck and in your wrist to stay calm and sleep well.



Milk & Honey

There’s a hormone ‘melatonin’ that is responsible for sleep. Almond and milk both contains it in a high amount. Add 2 tablespoon of honey with warm milk and have this before going to bed. This will help you get relaxed, it gives a sweet sleep and makes you fall asleep instantly. Milk is a rich source of calcium and also increases your immunity too.

Breathing Remedy

Sleeplessness has many reasons as stress worries from your busy scheduled life and tension. Breathing exercises make you comfortable and stress free leading to a better sleep at night. Have long and deep breaths steadily while going to sleep in order to keep you calm and relaxed. If you are having some breath regarding problem, you can try inhaling peppermint or some natural inhalers or perfumes to get relaxed before sleeping.

Fragrance and Massage-

Sweet fragrance plays a vital role in relieving from stress and keeping your mind cool. After a long tired day sweet smelling home gives a great pleasure that you cannot find anywhere. Make your home smell good at evening time by burning some good smelling incense or essential oil in diffuser or lamp. Also try having massage with natural essential oils and creams that will revitalize your skin and will make you feel comfortable.

Warm And Aromatic Bath

Bathing before going to bed is a common habit that is practiced by most of us. It also calms the body down and relaxes the muscles; add it to your daily habit. Bath with warm water and add few drops of some good smelling bath oil to this. This will relax your muscles and lessen your stress and let you enjoy the night.

Exercise Meditation and Yoga

Exercising and yoga not only keeps your body fit but also relaxes your muscles. It helps in keeping your body fresh and also meditation and yoga helps in relieving the stress and tensions leading to a stress free life.

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