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Image Source: Organiclifestylemagazine

The effects of diet, age, exercise, herbal supplements and other factors on our immunity cannot be ignored. A bad diet, stress, alcohol abuse, lack of sleep and exercise, obesity and the lifestyle that we adopt are some other causes which may influence our immune system. In the event that our immune system is affected by any of these factors, we only need to look around us to find remedial measures. Mother Nature has made provisions for us to strengthen our immunity with certain herbs and spices, which have amazing immunity-enhancing properties.


The characteristic flavor of ginger is contributed by its many volatile oils. These oils possess powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and analgesic properties. Ginger is very effective in dealing with gastrointestinal tract conditions and is a know carminative, helping to reduce intestinal gas, a known intestinal spasmolyetic, soothing the intestinal tract and a known fever-reducing agent. It is very effective in treating colds and soothing sore throat.


This pungent-smelling herb has natural antibiotic properties. It is a powerhouse of sulphur-containing nutrients and also immune stimulators. It contains more than a hundred compounds which are biologically active, including alliinase, allicin, alliin and unique sulphur-based compounds. The enzymes alliin and alliinase produce allicin when garlic is crushed. Allicin and the sulphur-containing nutrients act as antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal agents with wonderful immune-stimulating properties . Garlic can destroy pathogens more effectively than any prescription drugs and can effectively destroy viruses and yeasts such as Candida. So, consuming garlic is the best way to build up your immunity and protect yourself against infection and any inflammatory diseases.


The oil of oregano is one of the most potent natural antibiotics and has found to be very effective in the treatment of MRSA staph infections. Its antioxidant phenol improves immunity in the body and can destroy pathogenic viruses, yeasts and bacteria. The antioxidant powers of oregano are higher with four times greater antioxidant power than that of blueberries and forty-two times more than apples. The oil of oregano finds use in treating nose and throat infections, any bacterial or viral condition and candidiasis. The antioxidant phenol has very effective antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


A popular spice used in the Asian regions, especially India, turmeric has been used as a healing agent to treat many ailments since ages. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties specifically due to the presence of the active ingredient, curcumin. One glass of milk with half teaspoon turmeric powder is an effective way to ease any pain in the body.


Cloves found use in ancient medicine as painkillers for toothaches. Among all the spices, it is clove which has the highest amount of antioxidants. Its antiseptic and anti-germicidal properties help to improve immunity and protect the body against infections. It can ease arthritic pain and can also be used as a digestive aid.

The immune system does a great job of defending us against any disease-causing micro-organism. A healthy immune system protects us from the onslaught of foreign invaders. So, include these herbs and spices in your diet and boost your immunity. Click here for herbal remedies for boosting immunity of the body.