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One of the main reasons for the popularity of Indian food all over the world is due to its unique taste which it owes to its spices. Indian food and Indian spices go hand in hand. Indian cooks use a lot of spices to give the taste to their food that they desire like chilies, salt, turmeric, ginger root and cardamom. The most awesome fact about the Indian spices is that different tastes and different flavours can be very easily extracted from the same spices by various different methods like grinding, roasting and so on.

Health benefits of spices

India is a very vast country which is very rich in different climatic conditions and so India produces a lot of different Indian spices in different parts of the nation according to the climate in various regions. Indian people use their spices in various different forms like roasted, fried, ground, chopped and even sautéed. Indian spices are like a legacy to the Indian people. They have been using them in various forms since the ancient times and also have been passing them on from one generation to another. Indian spices have a very long and fascinating history. They have even been mentioned in the Indian Vedas. Along with a great taste, Indian spices also offer us very significant health benefits.

Asafoetida and Cilantro

Asafoetida also known as hing or devil’s dung is basically a resin. It has great digestive properties. Cardamom or Elaichi is mostly found in powder form and is widely used to flavour tea and coffee. It also gives a cure for many urinary and skin problems. They also have properties that can whiten your teeth and sweeten your breath. Then we Indians also have many varieties of chilies that can give you one of the hottest flavours of the globe. Dark green chilies are generally hotter than red chilies. Cilantro is another one of the important spices that is generally added towards the end of cooking in order to preserve its fresh aroma.


Cinnamon is one of the sweet tasting spices and it has a wooden aroma. It calms the nerves and stimulates the senses. Clove is a spice that has a sweet but strong aroma and a pungent but hot taste. They are excellent at relieving the pain of toothache. Coriander seeds are good at aiding digestion and are a very healthy alternative to salt. Fenugreek is a bitter tasting spice and is also considered as an aphrodisiac. All Indian spices are unique in their own way and provide a taste to your food which no other spice can.

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