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Most of us follow an elaborate regimen when it comes to caring for our hair, face or hands, but tend to neglect foot care often times. Experts in the field of foot care and medical professionals alike stress on the need for a regular foot care regimen, which can prevent long term illness and injury from taking place.

 Healthcare providers globally are engaged in finding the best solution to preventive foot care since a number of conditions including Diabetes Mellitus, popularly known as the “silent killer” can be managed with ease. Further, certain skin modifications that occur from exposure to the harsh environment can create problems that might affect Quality of life.

Caring for our feet might not be as difficult and incorporating a regular checklist of foot care in your monthly schedule might do a lot of good from reversing unfavorable foot conditions to just refreshing tired, worn out feet.

 There are simple steps we can embark on in terms of foot care, in order to prevent foot conditions from developing or aggravating:


  1. Staying active is the most important factor in foot care and helps blood to circulate all the way to the tips of your toes. This rich supply of blood on a regular basis helps keep the feet supple and soft, and most importantly healthy on the inside and outside.
  2. Extreme heat as well as cold can damage skin on your feet and might even penetrate deeper down to the nerves and blood vessels causing damage that might present itself as some form of disease.
  3. One important aspect of foot care is to also care about toe nails and keep them trimmed and properly shaped. Uncut and badly maintained toe nails might crack and split and cause injury to the skin and increase your chances of developing infection.
  4. Shoes and socks are one of the most important aspects of keeping feet secure from the harsh chemicals and pollutants in the environment. This is especially true since your feet are close to the ground and might be prone to getting affected by harmful agents more than any other part of your body.
  5. Washing your feet on a daily basis and keeping them well moisturized is also one of the key tasks in maintaining your feet during your foot care regimen.
  6. Following your foot wash with a salt based foot soak can be a very rewarding experience and can help you cleanse and smooth out broken or rough skin instantly.


One of the most important aspects of a foot care regimen is a properly chosen foot care cream. Organic natural foot care creams come in a variety of choices today. With the right combination of scrubs and oils blended into the foot care cream, there is a wide choice for those keen about keeping their feet healthy and supple. Among popular herbal ingredients incorporated into foot care creams are clove and sandal oil, peppermint, neem, basil and mint for general foot care. When looking for a more intense regimen that includes a good massage, several different types of scrubbers or scrub salts might prove very refreshing and revitalizing and can help maintain the suppleness and softness of feet for a far longer duration.



Foot butters help heal and repair broken skin and the essences of natural healers like green tea and jasmine also work wonders to promote crack free feet. In the huge market of foot care products, you are presented with a wide variety of fruity flavors for ready care targeted at your feet. Mint, pineapple, strawberry, lemon and chamomile are all extremely rejuvenating when it comes to the care of your feet. An organic natural foot care product can thus be very rewarding for your overall experience when it comes to the right care at the right time.

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