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In order to understand check out for these symptoms-

Fatigue- tiredness is the first and foremost sign of arthritis. Before any other sign is known, fatigue is detected. The tiredness might remain for days to weeks and even months. Tiredness does not come alone. It is accompanied by ill health and depression.

Stiffness- early in the morning when you get up and cannot move your wrist or your fingers is another symptom of arthritis. The stiffness varies from person to person. The duration also depends. This stiffness is mostly due to inactivity of the joints. This mostly happens in the morning.

Another symptom of arthritis is the feeling of a locked sensation. The tight feeling comes when you are working or even lying inactive. Fingers getting locked and knee joints getting locked is commonly seen. This feeling might be accompanied by pain also if it’s in the advanced stage of arthritis.

Pain in joints of knee, hip, neck, ankle and others joints is also common. The pain increases with the days if the pain is not treated. This is due to the tenderness in the tissues and also due to the joint fluid becoming thick.

Inflammation in the joints- there are different kinds of joints in the body. Early symptoms of arthritis show the swelling of these joints. Redness and warmth are also felt around the joints. The inflammations are called flare-up. The flare-up increases as time passes.

Fever- leaving aside stiffness, pain and redness symptom of arthritis is fever too. Fever ranging from 100F and above can also be jotted as a concern for arthritis.

As the swelling occurs, the tendons put pressure on the nerves causing a tingling sensation. The numbness and a burning feeling called the carpal tunnel syndrome are also among the symptoms of arthritis. The cracking joint of bone is accompanied. This means of grinding joint cartilages.

Inability to move or bend- movement from one place to another can stop when arthritis becomes severe but in the early stages of arthritis, you might not be able to bend down to pick an object from the ground, or you might also not be able to straighten some of the joints too.

These are some of the significant symptoms which you should not be careless about and treat them in time. The best organic supplements are available. Click here to know more.