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Image Source: Yourwellness

One major thing that lacks in India is a proper sex education system.It is almost a taboo, and when used aloud, you are looked upon with disgust by onlookers. Well, everyone was born through sex, and there is nothing to be ashamed or disgusted with it. Nowadays, the taboo has worn off a little bit. Sex brings about varied reactions from people, and all of these are due to the varied experiences that they had with sex. Some attribute joy and fun while some attribute the exact opposite.

Sexual life for both male and female can span decades, if sexually healthy. The sexually healthy part is where most of us miss out. A healthy sex life or an active sex life is good for you! Probably, no one ever told you that, but most scientific facts about sex life go to prove that an active sex life is good for your health.

Here are a few tips to remain sexually healthy throughout your life.

Have Sex Regularly

Doesn’t matter how old you are, but it is imperative to have sex well into old age. The desire doesn’t die in men and most certainly in women until menopause. But regular sex boosts immunity, betters heart rate, and most importantly keeps you healthy as you burn a lot of fat during the process.

Smoking Kills the Urge

Smoking, as scientifically proven, kills the urge to have sex as it blocks the blood vessels in the penis. Therefore, a proper nicotine patch helps to increase the urge in smokers. Quitting is the best option, but nicotine patch helps to some extent. But isn’t proper and healthy sex life enough to stop you from smoking?

Make a List of Your Medicines

It is seen that over 200 medicines can affect your ability or the mood to have sex. Many common medicines that relieve heart aches, depression and stomach problems have the ability to diminish your sex drive. It is imperative to change at least the dosage to improve your sex drive.

Improve the Physical Touch with Your Partner

A key to happy life is a proper physical relationship. Letting your better half know that they mean a lot to you can be rewarding if you know what I mean. It is not necessary that every physical contact needs to be for sex. It can be an embracing hug or an assuring kiss or just holding hands. This physical touch is necessary to keep your relationship intimate and happy for a long, long while.

Stimulate and Simulate

One of the foremost things about maintaining a healthy sex life is to stimulate and simulate. Watching erotic videos can simulate an experience, which will give you the sex drive. Helping yourself at times is good too because it keeps you independent from the wants of another physical entity.

Pretending to be New Every Time

This need not just be pretense, but letting your partner feel the same way you made them feel when they first met you can cause urges, helping both of you remain sexually healthy and active for a long time. But do not bore your partner with the same style, keep changing it.

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