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Image Source: Healthtips

For those of you who haven’t tried anything apart from vegetable oil, it can be hard to replace. But it is important to remember that there are other healthier types of oil in the market. The taste may be something that will take time to get adjusted to, however, the end results are impeccable. You will not only notice a change in your physique, but your overall complexion as well. 

Coconut oil for one is one of the healthiest options when it comes to cooking. In fact, in south India it is used as the basic oil that has multi-purposes. Right from the cooking recipes to beauty treatments and some essential home-made tips and tricks.

Although some may like to believe that coconut is filled with fats and hence may result in the addition of too many calories, as cooking oil. But it is important to note that coconut is the source of good fats which are necessary for the body in limited proportions. Also, if you do consume fats in any other form, then switching to coconut oil in the kitchen, will make your meals healthier as well as provide your body with the essential fats.    


So here’s a list of reasons why you should think about switching vegetable oil with coconut oil:

  • Heart diseases: the presence of lauric acid is linked directly to a decrease in cholesterol, and therefore heart problems. Unlike vegetable oil, coconut is associated with healthy saturated fats that eliminate cholesterol and blood pressure issues.  
  • Weight loss: the consumption is also linked to a decrease in the weight, thanks to the presence of specific good fatty acids. It also results in the decrease of the metabolic rate which eases the pressure from the pancreas and helps to shed off the extra pounds. Therefore, dieticians advise people with weight issues to switch to coconut oil while cooking.

  • Immunity: the presence of certain elements in coconut oil, also serve the purpose as anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial. Also the presence of high saturated fat content helps to ward off serious health ailments and keeps the body strong by protecting the immunity.
  • Digestion: usage of coconut oil in the kitchen helps in the process of digestion. It prevents the occurrence of stomach problems like constipation and eases the bowel movement. The presence of certain saturated fats helps the stomach because of their anti-microbial properties. The consumption also allows a comparatively better absorption rate of vitamins and minerals by the body.
  • Candida: the use of coconut oil is also known to prevent as well as cure the attack by parasitic fungus, Candida. It provides relief from the inflammation caused by the disease.   
  • Hair and skin care: coconut contains good saturated foods that nourish the body and avoid dehydration. Therefore, their excellent moisturising properties makes them popular ingredient in hair and skin care products.

Therefore, these reasons are sure to at least make you think twice about changing your cooking oil. If you have been using vegetable oil, then you do need to give this one a try. Although there are other options in the market as well when it comes to kitchen necessities but the consumption of coconut guarantees those essential fats which are required by the body, in limited proportions.

In fact, if you have been using coconut oil for other purposes, then you must be familiar with its plethora of benefits. Coconut is widely acclaimed for its moisturising properties which nourishes the body. This makes it a popular beauty treatment to prevent dehydration of the skin and hair. Apart from that, it even acts as a lubricant and can be used to solve minor house hold issues. Visit Joy By Nature for more info.