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Image Source: Huffingtonpost

Yoga is an integral part of most Indian communities. Yoga is a stimulator, a freshener, or even a muscle relaxer. You can relax, and enjoy your mind and the world around you through your mind by doing yoga. Yoga is the purest form of exercise, which involves the relaxation of every single muscle in your body. Yoga helps you to lead a life free from the pressures of the daily world. You can live peacefully and enjoy your life even on busy weekdays.

Yoga Asanas for You

Aromatherapy suggests that you can relax your body completely by doing yoga and breathing the scent of scented candles. Yoga is mainly proper breathing while stretching your muscle. While the muscle gets strengthened through this, your body relaxes itself, too. Here are a few yoga ‘asanas’ that you can do daily to keep yourself refreshed.

  • Surya namaskar- it consists of a series of twelve asanas that you should do on repeat every day.
  • Dandasana- this is a seated yoga pose.
  • The meditation pose- sitting with your legs folded over one another and enjoying the silence within you is the style of this asana.

Prepare Yourself

So, here is how you prepare for your yoga session with incense every day.

  • Pick a schedule- choose a time of the day when you will be completely free on all the seven days. This mostly would be early morning.
  • Prepare your body- have a cup of coffee, or mint to give you energy because yoga is just like normal exercise, but even more complicated and even more relaxing.
  • Mark your territory- Marking a yoga spot for meditation in your home is essential. This allows you to feel at home within yourself.
  • Your comfort matters- Yoga is all about revealing yourself. This is not possible if you are stressed out. Therefore, get into something comfortable.
  • Inhale! Exhale! – Starting your yoga session with a pranayama helps you cool down and brings your senses to where they should be.
  • Yoga time- So, you can start your yoga exercises by bringing your full concentration in between your eyebrows.
  • Recite Mantras- reciting mantras while doing yoga can help you in self-realization.

Yoga and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the science of using scent and smell to stimulate the body parts by relieving stress, helping in sleeping, lightening the mood, helping yourself calm down, etc. There are a few scents, which help in doing so. Therefore, yoga, which is part of self-mastery, can mingle with aromatherapy to give an even better result.

Sometimes even normal agarbathi can help you relax. At times, you are really stressed and you might need special scents. Therefore, incense sticks made for aromatherapy can be used at that time. When you are inhaling and exhaling during your yoga, these special incense sticks can make you feel at ease, enjoy your yoga better and lead a happier, stress-free life.