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Image Source: Tohealthful.com

The physical effects of stress are evident with colds, flu, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety and a swarm of chronic illnesses surrounding us. As more and more people are becoming exposed to the negative effects of stress, it has become more important for us to take up stress management techniques to combat stress.If you are overwhelmed with stress and feel at loss, follow some effective natural stress reducing methods before you think of running to your nearest drug store for some anxiety-relieving pills.

  • Clean Your Diet

Studies have shown that junk food leads to depression. So change your diet and switch over to healthy foods. Include whole grains and protein in your diet which will improve your mood and give you lasting energy throughout the day. Some stress relieving foods include salmon, blueberries and almonds. In addition, reduce your coffee intake. Though it is known that coffee has health benefits, the caffeine, in the beverage, increases anxiety, eventually leading to a crash.

  •  Exercise to Stay Stress-Free

Exercise allows you to be alone with your thoughts and let them go free. Exercise also releases endorphins into your brain, which helps to improve your mood. You can take up any exercise that you love – yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, running, cycling or even walking to help your mind relax.  

  •  Massage to Relieve Stress
The use of massage as stress reliever has been known for ages. The Chinese used massage for health improvement by opening blocked energy channels. Today, massage has found its way into therapy for relaxing tensed muscles, improve circulation, reduce pain and above all manage stress.


  •  Aromatherapy to Reduce Anxiety

Certain scents have the power to raise moods and reduce anxiety. They can help to increase focus and aid in concentration. This is due to the fact that scents stimulate the limbic system. This is turn releases chemicals which affect the brain positively and enhances feelings of relaxation and calmness and soothes the mind. So try aromatherapy with certain essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and cypress which can help to relieve stress and overcome mental fatigue.

  • Meditate for Peace of Mind

This method to overcome stress is easy and can be done anywhere anytime. When in stress, take 10 – 15 minutes out from your schedule and meditate. Take a silent area, focus on your breathing and let your thoughts flow freely. This will help you to release your stress and deal with a tough situation with a calm mind.

  •  Sleep – an Important Stress Reducer

Last but the most important stress reducer agent is sleep. Not getting the required amount of sleep will leave a person cranky and irritable and vulnerable to stress. On the other hand, too much sleep can also leave us sluggish and dull. Find the right balance and give your body the required 7 – 8 hours of sleep that it needs for optimal stress-free performance. Promote good sleeping techniques like establishing bed time routines and rituals, take a warm bath before sleeping and keep your sleeping area quiet and dark. Avoid taking heavy meals just before going to bed as it may cause reflux, heartburn or indigestion, and consume foods which promote sleep like carbohydrates, peanuts, bananas, dairy and figs.

In today’s day and age, the difficult economy and problems both at the home front and work place, have made us prone to stress and the after-effects of this condition. This has made it necessary that we take control of stress before it takes control over us. So, change your lifestyle and incorporate stress management techniques into your life. Click here to know more about stress management for a happy life.