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Organic coffee is grown using a healthy and long-term method of farming which has positive benefits both for an individual as well as the environment. This method uses processes and methods that have no adverse impact on the environment and also abstain from using pesticides or chemicals during cultivation and hence, have no risks on the health of the person drinking it.

There are a variety of coffees available which is based on the farming method and also on its contribution to the environment.

  • Organic Shade Grown Coffee

This type of coffee is grown under the shade of natural tropical forests without cutting down the trees and thus protecting the environment. During farming, no chemicals and pesticides are used and therefore this coffee has no adverse effect on your health. Though its growth is slow, you are sure to love its rich taste and flavor. Depending upon their style of faming, Organic Shade Grown coffee is categorized into different varieties:

  • Organic traditional polyculture
  • Organic rustic
  • Organic specialized also known as Reduced Shade

  • Bird-Friendly Coffee

While organic shade grown coffee takes into consideration the conservation of forests, the Bird-friendly coffee is grown keeping in mind the conservation of the natural habitat of birds.

  • Organic Green Coffee

The Organic Green coffee is acquired from unroasted raw coffee beans. The coffee plants are grown organically and no chemicals are used during its processing. The taste is affected by the soil, altitude, climate and the way that it is processed. The health benefits of organic green coffee are numerous; it is a storehouse of powerful antioxidants which are more powerful in neutralizing the free radicals than those present in green tea. It is especially good for those who would want to revitalize and help get their fatigued body energized.

There are many varieties of organic green coffee.

  • Mountain Cenaproc
  • Peaberry
  • Colonial Caranavi
  • Tarrazu

  • Organic Kona Coffee

As the name signifies, the Organic Kona coffee is grown in the Kona region of Hawaii on its volcanic soil made fertile by the lava and volcanic ash. Hence, this organic coffee does not have to make use of any chemicals or fertilizers during farming and is safe for consumption by humans. The farmers also use other fertilizers, which are of course organic, and also biotic methods for pest control. Your cup of Organic Kona coffee will have a distinct taste and flavor affected by the soil and the climate of the Kona region.

  • Organic Decaffeinated Coffee

As is evident, Organic Decaffeinated coffee is coffee with its caffeine removed. While buying organic coffee, ensure that it is certified by a valid certified agency. As awareness about the goodness of organic coffee is growing, so is its demand and thereby its production. Click here to know more about the coffee varieties.