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Besides, seeds also contain protein, zinc, minerals and other health-beneficial nutrients. Seeds can help to prevent weight gain, heart disease and accumulation of the bad cholesterol – LDL cholesterol. There are many edible seeds that are good for your health and at the same time add taste to your meals.


One of the most nutritious seeds, hemp contains more protein than any other seed. Hence, they make a good substitute for animal protein and can be added to smoothies. Due to the protein content, which take a long time to digest, these seeds help to kill hunger pangs in between meals. These seeds are a great way to supplement your body with vitamin E and zinc that are crucial for the immune system.


Pumpkin seeds have a high content of the antioxidant, carotenoids, which helps in fighting various diseases and also enhances immune activities. The presence of a good amount of zinc and omega-3 fatty acids makes it an effective food for healthy skeletal system. These seeds are also a rich source of phytosterols which helps in keeping cholesterol level stable and also enhances immune response. Some scientific studies have effectively shown the positive effects of pumpkin seeds on male prostrate cancerous cells. With its load of health benefits, pumpkin seeds are one of the healthiest seeds which should be included in your diet.


For those of you who are on a weight-losing spree, incorporate this phytochemical-rich food into your daily diet to increase your fiber-intake and promote digestion. Sunflower seeds are also a rich source of folate, essential for women, antioxidant-rich vitamin E1, good fats, copper and selenium. Sunflower seeds, the storehouse of all these power-packed minerals, is a good support for the heart-health and also balances cellular damage.


The seeds of sesame are also known as benne seeds and have high content of zinc, which helps in boosting the immune system. It is high in protein and fiber and contains more than a third of the recommended amount of copper, which is essential for energy and production of collagen. It also contains manganese, which is good for bone health. Sesame seeds also contain calcium, iron and magnesium and lignans, which are cholesterol-fighting fibers. These health-beneficial nutritious edible seeds have the ability to lower blood pressure, protect the liver from any damage and also prevent PMS.

Chia Seeds

These seeds have been part of Mesoamerica since ages, including those of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations and belong to the mint family. Though the seeds are tiny, they are packed with protein, fiber, nutrient oils, antioxidants and even have calcium. Chia seeds contain 34% of omega-3 fatty acids, more specifically ALA. Studies of the seeds have shown that chia seeds help to stabilize blood sugar, aid in weight loss and are good for hearth health.

Seeds make a great way of snacking and at the same time providing energy to the body. So, ensure that you consume these healthy, nutritious edible seeds daily. To know more about these seeds, click here.