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How does food affect your energy? Well foods can boost your energy by providing calories, by urging your body to efficiently burn more calories and in some cases it does so by supplying caffeine.

  1. Water

The best energy booster, nothing can beat a glass of water when you want to replenish your drained out energy whether in your work place or whether you have finished a game of tennis outdoors. Even mild dehydration can sap your energy and slow down your metabolism. When the body gets dehydrated, the energy levels drop and leads to exhaustion. Plain old water is the quickest way to boost energy.

So give the artificial sugar and flavors laden juices a miss and hand out water to any member of your family who has been out in the sun.

  1. Eggs

It is common knowledge that proteins can help us to keep full and also helps in building muscles. But what is the best way to get your family, especially the children to eat protein without any fuss? Eggs are an easy source of protein and also the best and a delicious way of ensuring that your children get the protein that is required by them.

You can boil the egg or scramble eggs with cheese and even give your family egg pancakes.

  1. Bananas

Many kids these days, who look healthy, are actually undernourished and are especially deficient in potassium. This deficiency leads to memory problems and also makes the children lethargic. This essential nutrient regulates the body’s muscular as well as the nervous systems. Bananas are the best foods for potassium for your family. Potassium can also be found in figs, dried apricots and plums.

Your children can simply have the bananas or the bananas can also be blended into smoothies with yogurt and fruits.

  1. Oatmeal

Whole grains are one of the best energy sources and are especially good for growing children. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and carbohydrates which can keep your child energized for a long time. Ensure that your child starts the day with oatmeal for a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Fibers help to keep the energy steady through the entire morning.

Avoid packets and microwave rolled oats to serve to your child.

  1. Fish

Studies have shown that eating fish has a strong link to memory and test-taking skills. Fatty fish like salmon have high-content of omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce depression and hyperactivity and at the same time, increase concentration and focus. The high protein content also helps to keep children fuller for longer period of time and keeps their blood sugar levels steady and thereby their moods.

Since children are not lovers of fish, you can try some mild-tasting fish like cod. You can also add canned salmon to scrambled eggs.

The quickest method to rejuvenate drained energy is to reach out for a cup of coffee. But, the effects of lasting energy come from food which is rich in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrate. So, choose some best options for natural food energy boosters and click here.