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Jams are made from fruits and can be stored for quite some time. For kids, it must be the one thing that makes them look forward to breakfast and/or snack time. For mothers, it must be the one thing that offers a relief from cooking a heavy breakfast and also be content that the children's little tummies are filled and their little hearts are content. Jams  can be made from almost any fruit available. You can easily make organic jams at home which will be healthier than the ready-made ones. Let us look at a few advantages of having jams.

  1. All set to be gobbled up

Jams are in a ready-to-eat form so all you need is apply it on a slice of bread, a bun, rotis or whatever works, and eat! They are quite filling and tasty. Kids usually love jams because of their fruity taste and parents and caretakers love it because of its ready-to-eat form.

  1. Low on calories

Since jams are made from fruits, they are low on calories and hence can be part of a healthy diet. They provide a quick boost of energy on a low calorie intake. Note that only home-made jams are low on calories.

  1. High on fiber

Fruits are high on fibers so surely, fruit jams will be too. High fiber content ensures a healthy bowel movement. It also ensures that your colon remains clean and free of infections.

  1. Low on fat

Jams do not add bad cholesterol or fat to your body. Due to this reason, it has been found that jams are safe for a person with a heart disease. It also helps in keeping your weight in check.

  1. High on antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

Jams are products made from fruits and hence, they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals satisfy your nutritional requirements. Antioxidants, on the other hand, prevent free radicals from attacking your cells which may cause aging.

  1. Low on sugar

This is the case of organic and home-made jams. Since most of the fruits are naturally sweet, not much sugar is required to make jams. Hence, this makes jams healthier as compared to marmalades. Moreover, as long as it is served in the right proportion, it can be healthily consumed by diabetic patients.

So kids and moms, be glad you have jams after all. Also, note that the health benefits are mostly for home-made organic jams and not so much for the ones bought from shops. And, of course, the health benefits are only completely acquired when jams are consumed in the right quantity. If you would like to view related products available on Joy By Nature, click here.