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With the increasing digital work, we are more inclined to spend greater time in front of screens. This puts a lot of stress on the eyes. At the end of the one can use eye pillows to pamper the eyes and them ready for the next day. Here are listed a few types of eye pillows and their benefits.

1) The Nature's Co Rosemary Eye Pillow
The main ingredients of this eye pillow are extracts derived from flax seeds and rosemary. The extracts are in the form of essential oils encased in pillow, made to fit the eyes. Rosemary essential oil is a famous anti-inflammatory agent, thus, it can reduce the puffy ness of the eyes, whereas, flax seed essential oil can help in curing a dry eye. Chilling the pillow in the freezer for 10 minutes can provide remarkable results and can help in reducing stress and tension levels in an effective way.

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2) Omved Migraine Removing Eye Pillow
This eye pillow will not only soothe the tired eyes but can also provide relief from headaches and migraines. The main ingredients of this pillow are eucalyptus, chamomile and peppermint. This eye pillow will also help an individual in decongesting the sinus passage. This product can be used both as a hot compress as well as cold compress. For hot compress warm the pillow in the oven for about 2 minutes and for cold compress cool it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. This eye pillow has an effective design which blocks the light and relaxes not just the eyes but the entire body as well.

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In order to enhance the benefits of these eye pillows one can use the various essential oils available in the market as well. These oils when sprayed on the pillow will provide deep sleep and the antibacterial properties will keep the pillow freshened. Sooth the eyes by using eye pillow and calming the nerves by incorporating essential oil one can be assured of a sound sleep and energized awakening in the morning.

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These eye pillows are ergonomically designed and hence provide perfect fit to the eyes. One should choose amongst the available varieties carefully according to his or her need. Right fit meeting the right need will definitely help soothe the eyes and relax them in a more effective and efficient manner. For more eye pillow products kindly visit the Joy By Nature website.

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