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Everyone of us is aware how important it is to have a healthy heart. Our heart works non-stop. It keeps beating only for us. We can repay the favor by showing some care. Caring for your heart will not only keep it beating for long but will help you lead a healthy life. Instilling small habits in your routines will make you live long and will keep you away from many diseases.

Your health is in your hands. You can achieve a healthy heart with some efforts.

  • Get 7 hours sleep

According to research, people who get 7 hours of sleep have a healthy heart. Getting nice sleep not only helps you keep stress away but it is good for your arteries as well.

  • Avoid stress

Start doing meditation, yoga or anything you prefer. Stay happy. Spend more time with the ones you love. Spend more time doing the things you love be it reading books, playing games or going out on an adventure. Happy people are more likely to have a healthy heart.

  • Start Working out

People who workout on a regular basis are more fit than the ones who don't. Start out slow but at least take the first step. Running, cycling, skipping and other cardiovascular activities are good for your heart. Also, your body needs at least 30 minutes of walk a week. Prefer being active rather than sedentary. Basic changes in your lifestyle can change your life.

  • Start eating healthy

Eating lot of vegetables and fruits will make you healthy. Avoid processed food as much as you can. Slash all the trans-fat and saturated fats that harm you. Choose healthy oils, for example, olive oil. Try to eat as much fibee as you can. Fibrous foods include wheat, oats, fruits and vegetables.

  • Your Gums are important too

Healthy gums pave your way to a healthy heart. Bacteria in your gums affect your heart by causing arteriosclerosis. Brush twice, regularly. Floss at least once a day. Use mouthwash to ensure that no bacteria are left. Avoid eating sweet food. Visit your dentist for regular checkups.

  • Avoid diabetes

High blood sugar damages your arteries over time and makes you vulnerable to heartdiseases. Avoid saturated fats and carbs and eat plenty of fiber and whole grains.

These simple lifestyle changes will make your heart healthy and happy. Taking the first step is important, the rest will follow Click.