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We human beings generally use the term “stressed” when we feel that something has been disturbing us a bit too much. We say that we are stressed when some work or thing has been challenging us for a while and we feel that we can not cope with it. So, stress basically also indicates a lack of self confidence. It is the feeling when something or someone pressurizes us and we feel like running away from it all. It is the feeling we get when we are unable to do things our way and that irritates us.

There are many symptoms of stress like more rapid and fast breathing, a feeling of insomnia, rise in blood pressure, tense muscles, slow digestive system and a rise in the pulse or the heart rate. Each one of us has their different definition of stress because we all perceive and interpret different situations in different ways. But, the fact that is common is that stress affects our health in a bad way. Stress can not only affect our physical but also our mental health. The fact is that stress is bad for us and no matter how lucky we are we all have to deal with it at some point of time in our life.

By being careful and making a few changes to your life, you can avoid most of the reasons that can cause stress. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

  • Identify the stressors – Identify the things that stress you out or the things that possess a threat of stressing you and try to eliminate all such reasons from your life.
  • Eliminate all the possible unnecessary commitments from your life. Stick to only the necessary ones so that you do not over burden
  • Be organized – Do not let your work get piled up and stop waiting for deadlines to finish your work. Do it when you are assigned that work.

  • Avoid multitasking – It may seem a very fun and productive idea but in reality, it decreases your potential and slows down your work.
  • Avoid people you dislike– Try to avoid all the difficult people in your life to every possible extent. These kinds of people have the potential to discourage you and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and worthless too.
  • Slow down a bit – There is no rule book that says that you need to live your life in a fast and furious way. Do not try to rush things. Go with the flow and learn to enjoy every little beauty of life with your whole heart.

  • Do exercise or meditation – Try to stay fit and in shape by doing some exercises regularly. Meditation can bring in a lot of positive energy in your life.

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