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The simplest of the reason we gain weight is due to increased food consumption and lack of exercise. Many other reasons are also sometimes considered like calorie count, water consumption, schedule, stress level, age, salt percentage and meal timing. Considering so many factors which lead to gaining weight, one has to be more conscious now days. We never know what habit of ours turns out to be dangerous.



Various reasons which contribute to weight gain are:


Sleep: Getting enough sleep adds to good health. Skip it and various problems crop up, out of which weight gaining is one. Less sleep makes you eat more and then it reduces metabolism and increase in fats.


Stress: When in stress you tend to do binge eating which directly allows weight gain.


Antidepressants: Medication for depression sometimes takes a toll on the weight check and you tend to ignore it since it has dealt your other problem i.e. depression. Such medication should be done under strict supervision of a medical expert.


Steroids: Underweight people tend to use steroids based on the suggestion of their gym instructor and in doing so sometimes increase weight unknowingly. Steroids should be avoided as far as possible because there are many more ways to gain weight natural and stay fit.


Hormone: Things which suddenly change in your body and you can’t do anything about it. Best is to take advice of a medical practitioner whose is an expert on the same topic and suggest better alternatives which can be natural and help is all aspects like mental, physical and emotional. 


Pathologies: Many a times your digestive track isn’t working in a proper manner which results somewhere in your weight gain. Get your tests done on regular schedules and keep a close watch on items which have been highlighted in your report.


Social factors: Your life style also matters most in your body’s cycle functioning properly. Maintaining a balanced life style is very much important because health is affected very bad and later other problems start arising soon.



One should use a simple table to check his /her body mass index which gives a chart of how much you should weigh when your age and height is at mentioned digit.  


Controlling weight can be done using simple things as:

Metabolism: Understanding one’s metabolism system is very important because the energy needs of every person is different, depending on their metabolism activity. Some have fast metabolism and some have slow metabolism. People having low metabolism need to increase their metabolism because that in turn helps reduce the fat storage percentage. Having high metabolism helps reduce the fat faster.


Snack Smart: When you much on a snack it helps you curb your hunger and avoid heavy eating at later stage. Some foods which experts recommend are popcorn which high on fiber and low on calories. Eating water based fruits also helps a lot. Try snacking on watermelon or pineapple whenever the hunger attacks. Having more content of water and less calories will make the stomach feel full and not ask for food again for a long time.


Water: Drinking water before the meal helps reduce the hunger and helps in digestion and also reduce appetite. Consuming one to two liters of water daily will help in a great manner to reduce weight.


Workout: Simple exercise like running,cardio, pushup and crunch will counter on weight loss extremely well. Rowing is very good since burns more calories.


Black Coffee: The anti-oxidant properties of black coffee helps in reduced glucose building which is going to turn into fats. It reduces hunger and burns more calorie creating increased metabolism. Drinking 2 cups a day helps.


Green Tea: Green tea is also highly effective in weight loss and increased metabolism activity. Caffeine in the green tea plays all the magic in fat burning process and in turn giving the lightness one needs. 



Losing weight has become a necessity of the day because of the aliments which follow once the weight has gained. Hence let the weight wait and you enjoy the life.


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