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We all are aware of the fact that brown rice is healthier for us as compared to white rice. This is because brown rice is rice in its unrefined state and has the side hull and bran. White rice is obtained by refining the brown rice and removing the bran as well as the hull which also means that white rice has been stripped of its natural wholeness. White rice does not contain any proteins, thiamine, magnesium, calcium and potassium and does not prove to be healthy for the body. Brown rice on the other hand contains all the essential nutrients in their natural form. Brown rice is rich in thiamine, proteins, magnesium, fibre and potassium thus making it a healthy super-food that can be consumed to prevent various heart diseases, type 2 diabetes as well as cancers of various types.


Organic brown rice which is brown rice in its purest form free from chemicals, fertilizers as well as preservatives is typically considered good for promoting the heart health and preventing against various cardiovascular diseases. The reasons why organic brown rice is considered good for the heart health are given below:

  • Brown rice is rich in selenium. Selenium is an essential nutrient for the body as it prevents the development of several types of heart diseases and other life threatening ailments like cancer.
  • Since brown rice is a whole grain, it reduces the risk of heart diseases as it prevents the build-up of plaque in the arterial walls and also keeps the cholesterol level in check. In addition, brown rice does not contain trans-fats and cholesterol making it healthy for the heart.
  • Brown rice also contains a high amount of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the body for regulating blood pressure and also for offsetting sodium in the body. Thus the consumption of brown rice helps to maintain healthier carotid arteries and prevents them from blockage. Since magnesium regulates blood pressure levels, the blood vessels continue to carry blood in a normal and smooth manner without exerting a lot of pressure on the heart walls and thus it prevents the body from heart diseases and strokes.

  • Organic brown rice is rich in naturally occurring oils and healthy fats that help to maintain the cholesterol levels. When cholesterol levels in the body are high, there are higher chances of arteries getting blocked which may lead to heart strokes. The consumption of brown rice with its healthy fats promotes the level of good cholesterol in the body thereby preventing the arterial plaque build-up and heart diseases from occurring.
  • The consumption of brown rice also helps to maintain the body weight. Obesity is one of the main causes of heart attacks. Brown rice is rich in fibres and thus keeps one feeling fuller for longer time periods thereby decreasing ones appetite which eventually helps to keep the weight in check and thus prevents the occurrence of heart diseases.
  • Brown rice is a rich source of manganese. Manganese helps to digest fats and burn fats in an efficient manner. Thus, the consumption of brown rice can help to maintain the body weight and also keep the cholesterol level in check. This further helps to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Brown rice is a rich source of anti-oxidants as well. Anti-oxidants fight the free radicals that may otherwise damage the heart and its vessels. The consumption of brown rice thus helps to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Brown rice also helps to control blood sugar levels. Diabetes is also one of leading causes of heart strokes and the consumption of brown rice stabilizes the blood sugar level. The low glycaemic index of brown rice helps to prevent type 2 diabetes and so also reduces the risks of developing cardio-vascular diseases.
  • Brown rice can also help to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome which is a precursor to several cardiovascular diseases. The symptoms of metabolic syndrome include belly fat, high triglyceride levels, and high blood pressure. Thus by controlling these, brown rice helps to promote a healthy heart.


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