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Katherine Tallmadge, who is a registered dietitian as well as spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, recommends snacking up to three times in a day. But she cautions to limit the calorie intake to 100 – 200 calories for each snack. So, while providing snacks for your husband, ensure that you are balancing carbohydrate, protein and fat intake in each snack.

  • Stay on Track with These Foods while Snacking

There are various snack foods available and your husband can choose healthy snack options and store in his office desk for that little nutritional boost during the course of the day. If his workplace has a refrigerator, he can stack it up with healthy snacks or he can even carry fresh snack food every day from home.

  • Whole Grain Crackers

These make a better choice than munching on a packet of fried chips. Pack your husband crackers and string cheese for the ideal blend of carbs and protein.

  • Low-fat Yogurt

This protein-rich food is one of the ideal healthy foods to be snacked on. Throw some fruits into it or top it with honey for delicious treats during intervals.

  • Almonds

Almonds are rich in protein and also contain healthy fat; almonds contain nine important nutrients, have high amounts of protein and fiber in comparison to other nuts, rich in vitamin E and its monounsaturated fat content increases HDL levels. Almonds are easy to carry and still easier to store. So pack your husband this very health beneficial snack.

  • Cereals

You can also ensure that your husband’s desk drawer has a whole grain cereal stored in it. These are especially good as they are loaded with fibers. He can also have instant oatmeal packets stashed away to be used whenever hunger strikes or when he has had to miss his breakfast.

  • Fresh and Dried Fruits

Fresh fruits work every time. Make a salad with berries and your husband’s favorite fruits, sliced. He can scoop out portions during the course of the day as and when required. You can also pack apples, pears and oranges which he just needs to wash before eating. Alternately, make a mix of fresh and dried fruits; pack some dried apricots, apples, raisins or bananas which are high in fiber and potassium content and make sweet and chewy snacks.

  • Protein Bars

Though protein bars are a great way of ensuring that your husband is energized you need to be careful with them as some of them may be loaded with calories. Eating bars which are packed with sugar and carbs will result in a crash later. Look out for bars which are low in sugar but have high fiber and protein, and pick only those which have nuts and fruits with calorie content less than 200 calories.

  • Healthy Desktop Beverages for Work

As for beverages, make sure your husband consumes only those which have zero calories and do not have excessive sugar. Some non-caloric drinks include:

  • Mineral water which can be lime or orange flavored
  • Tea which can be regular, herbal or green
  • Coffee (go for the caffeine-free)
  • Diet Soda (opt for caffeine-free)
  • Low-fat milk although non-fat milk would make the perfect choice
  • 100% fruit juices and drinks

It is important to maintain balance in your snacks as calories accumulated due to snacking do make a difference. Healthy snacking ensures that your husband gets all the nutrients that he needs and at the same time curbs his hunger so that he does not gorge at his next meal. Click here to find out more of nutritious and healthy snack foods.