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Neem is a household name for most people. The use of neem for its various medicinal and health benefiting properties can be traced back to ancient times. Neem is one of the natural products that can be used safely as it has no side or adverse effects on the health or on the skin. Every part of the neem plant is used for the various benefiting properties. The neem seeds and fruits are used for extracting neem oil which can be used on the skin as well as on the hair because of its several benefits. Neem oil contains a lot of Vitamin E, anti-oxidants, carotenoids as well as useful fatty acids. All these compounds attribute to the several health benefiting properties of neem oil.

There are several benefits of neem oil for the skin. These include the following:

  • Anti-aging: Neem oil can be used to delay the aging of the skin and thereby prevent wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots. Neem oil helps to slow down the aging process as it contains several anti-oxidants and Vitamin E both of which fight free radicals that cause damage and degeneration of the skin. The use of neem oil on the skin thereby helps the skin to look younger and brighter.
  • Anti-acne: The benefits of neem oil for acne treatment cannot be ignored. Neem oil has several anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Neem oil when used on the skin kills the bacteria that cause acne and also inhibits their growth. Neem oil also contains anti-inflammatory compounds called nimbin and nimbidin that reduce swelling and inflammation caused by acne and pimples on the skin. The fatty acids that are contained in neem oil help to lighten the acne spots and marks. Neem oil prevents the skin from getting too dry or too oily and thereby helps in the prevention of outburst of acne and pimples.
  • Prevents infections: Neem oil has anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the skin from several types of infections. Neem oil prevents and treats skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Neem oil also helps to treat itchiness, swelling and inflammation of the skin and can be used as an antiseptic also.
  • Anti-fungal: Neem oil has anti-fungal properties and so prevents and cures infections like athletes’ foot and fungus in the toe nails. The anti-fungal properties of neem oil can be attributed to the anti-fungal compound called gedunin.
  • Removes pigmentation: Neem oil is one of the best oils that can be used to get rid of pigmentation. Neem oil inhibits the excessive production of melanin that causes skin pigmentation. The use of neem oil not only reduces pigmentation but also makes the skin fairer.

There are several benefits of neem oil for hair.The use of neem oil promotes hair health and treats damaged hair. Massage with neem oil renders the hair as well as the scalp healthier. Neem oil is a natural remedy for dandruff. Neem oil balances the pH level of the scalp and thereby prevents formation of dandruff. Neem oil can also be effectively used to treat and cure several infections of the scalp thereby making the scalp healthier and stronger. Neem oil also prevents and kills lice in the hair. Neem oil has a strong smell and contains several compounds that can kill the lice and inhibit their growth.

Neem oil also helps to strengthen the hair and promotes hair growth thereby preventing problems like baldness. It prevents the hair from thinning down and prevents hair breakage. Thus, the use of neem oil results in thicker and stronger hair. Neem oil also acts as a natural moisturiser for the hair and prevents the hair from damage and makes the hair manageable. Neem oil also helps to remove and prevent split ends. Neem oil improves the quality of hair and makes the hair shinier and stronger from the roots. Neem oil can be effectively used to overcome problems like itchy scalp and several other infections thereby keeping the hair healthy.

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