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The platter that we are being served these days though has divergent tastes to offer but are deficient in nutrients. In such case, more than fifty percent of us opt to unseal the bottles of nutrient supplements and strive to recuperate the lost nutrients. But, the major question that arises is,” Whether nutrient supplements are really beneficial?”

There are many aspects that favor the usage while others stand strictly against them.



Firstly, let us take a look at the Advantages of using nutrient supplement :  


  • Helps in rejuvenating the nutrient content


The primary function of supplements is to provide nutrients like vitamins, calcium,

minerals, etc. to the one relying on them. Various capsules, tablets and liquid supplements are available in the market.


  • Helps in creating a disease barrier


     Nutrient supplements can also prove advantageous in providing an

     auxiliary health amplification against multitudinous diseases. They enhance

     the operation of the immune system, thus providing the barrier.



Now, let us take a peek into some of the disadvantages of using nutrient supplements :


  • No idea of the supplement to be consumed


Many people opt for supplements just because they feel that some nutrients are lacking in their body. No proper prescription is taken in many cases before the consumption of such supplements.


  • Unsafe constituents


Arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury were diagnosed in many protein powders Such constituents heavily affect the health of the person consuming them and even cause death in extreme cases.



  • Side effects


Many side effects were observed during the consumption of nutrient

supplements. For example, excessive dosage of Vitamin A might pose a serious threat to liver damage and reduced bone

 strength. Also, extreme zinc consumption can lead to failure of organs.


  • Drug interactions


Nutrient supplements taken along with prescription medication may cause disastrous effects. They can reduce the effect of any ongoing treatment or interact with the treatment to cause serious failures.


  • Unspecified effects


Various supplements contain unknown fragments which are not easily understood by consumers. Such supplements should be avoided and reported to FDA.




Just as a coin has two sides, nutrient supplements too have their facts and figures in favor and against them. No doubt, nutrient supplements have many attributes against them, but the wise and judicious use of them is necessary. Proper quality verification and precautions are the keys for enhanced results. Click here to browse through the best quality Nutrient supplements that JBN has in store for you.