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Image Source: The Coffee Tale

Coffee is the favorite kick starter for the day for majority of people. People literally crave for the taste of coffee in the morning before work, during work and after work. It is also considered the favorite beverage to have while passing one’s time. But now-a-days in this world where the genuine is gone and adulterated prosper, good and beneficial coffee is found only in selected places. Few companies have devised a way to get rid of the coffee that is not good by giving the people organic coffee.

Coffee lovers always want a good blend of coffee that pleasures their taste buds, but nowadays taste is not everything, health is too. Having a good cup of coffee can sure relax some people but if the coffee that you are drinking is organic then it offers benefits that normal coffee won’t. The real question here is finding out whether organic coffee is real or just a sham.

What to do to find out:

  1. Check Out Websites: The internet is your best friend and your worst enemy. Check out websites that give you organic coffee. Try to read about coffee and its origins if you have free time, to understand organic coffee better.
  1. Find Your Favorite Blend: If you have a craving for coffee and can’t wait for a cup of it in the morning like most people do, then it is better to find a favorite from the various others to enjoy your cup of pleasure.

  1. Find out what makes a product organic: If you are one of the person’s curious enough to try and learn about new things then find out what makes the organic products Organic. Go to a local area and check out the blends of coffee they sell. Ask them if it is organic or the regular stuff.
  1. Be true to yourself: If you like having organic coffee then never add anything to your coffee. Have your coffee black as it is supposed to be made. Adding sugar, cream, or any other additives just adulterates the true essence of organic coffee. Don’t tamper with the benefits that organic coffee has to offer us.

What is Organic Coffee and why do we call it Organic?

Well the reason and meaning is the same as the word implies. Organic coffee is grown differently than normal plants. It doesn’t allow the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides but uses natural manure and shade grown plants. If by any chance the plant is sprayed by pesticides or given fertilizers such as potash, etc the plant cannot be called organic.

To sum up whether organic coffee is a fact or fiction, I would say it is a bit of both. We live in an era where we can survive on both whether it is adulterated goods or good organic coffee.Hence I would like to say organic coffee is real if you have it from a certified brand and seller, otherwise it might just be a sham with the name of organic coffee but none of its benefits.

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