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Honey is made by the honey bees by obtaining nectar from the flowers. The sweetness of honey comes from fructose, glucose and monosaccharide’s. It has an equivalent amount of sweetness level as granulated sugar. Its distinctive flavour makes it a more prioritized choice over sugar or other artificial sweeteners available. It is known that microorganisms don’t grow in it because of the low water activity in honey. However honey also contains dormant endospores which can be harmful to the infants as they have the potential to give nativity to toxin producing bacteria’s that can be cause ailments or even more they can be fatal.

Benefits of consuming the liquid gold

  • Alleviate allergies

The anti-inflammatory properties of liquid gold and its capability to eradicate coughs have lead to the discovery that it can mitigate the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Though there have been no research results on the same till date but it is asserted that it behaves like a natural vaccine. The small proportion of pollen contained in it when consumed by the body paves the way for an immune response.

  • Natural energy drink

Its marvellous properties can be known by the fact that it provides approximately 17 grams of carbohydrate with the consumption of a single tablespoon of it. It penetrates inside the blood and consequently boosts the energy. It can aid as a short duration energy booster during workouts. They say a sound sleep is the key to loads of energy but when in need of quick energy, honey can be an excellent option.

  • Memory Booster

Honey has been strengthening memory of the weaker ones since times immemorial. Consuming honey before people hit the bed thus acts as a way to preserve the memory.  Alternatively one or two spoons of the same can also be consumed after getting up or before having breakfast.

  • Acts as an aid in sleeping

A little amount of raw honey before going to bed can do wonders. Consuming a little amount of honey at bed time in result in a sound sleep. Thus consuming the same at bed time is known to be highly beneficial as it keeps the liver full and releases the sleeping hormone.

  • Treats wounds

There are various benefits of consuming honey and one of them is that it treats wounds affectively. It can act on both internal and external wounds and fix them. It has been known for its medicinal properties since ages and was earlier used to stand against infections but with the introduction of penicillin the usage of the same has been reduced to great levels.

Honey thus is a better alternative for the ones with a sweet tooth as it has excellent medicinal properties due to which it is also used in ayurveda. Consumption of honey over sugar results in lesser intake amount of calories. Click here for more details.