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Diabetes is a life altering disease which can affect all areas of a person’s life. The worst part is that uncontrolled diabetes can lead to several serious problems like renal malfunction, vision loss and many others. This is the reason that it is necessary to keep it under check. There are many allopathic medicines available by prescription that can keep your blood sugar level under control. However, diabetes is best treated by diet and lifestyle changes.

In fact even doctors agree that this is the best way to keep the ailment under check. Apart from regular exercise you should opt for a healthy and balanced diet. There are also some natural food items like bittermelon and fenugreek that can help you to keep the problem under control. Of course we all know that diabetes patients should completely stay away from all simple carbohydrates like refined sugar, jaggery and others.

However, it does not mean that a diabetes patient has to kill his or her craving for good food. This is because artificial sweeteners are easily available which can replace sugar in sweet dishes. At the same time, you can make some interesting low calorie recipes. It is also possible to create some interesting recipes with bittermelon and fenugreek as ingredients. Let us look at some of these recipes that are great for diabetes patients.

Bittermelon chips

Take a few large bittermelons according to the amount of chips that you want to make. Use the grater used to make potato chips and cut the bittermelon into roundels. Sprinkle some salt on them and let them sit for some time. Take some refined flour and add salt, chilly powder and spices to taste. The bittermelon roundels will let go of the water content in them. Use these roundels with the water content and add to the refined flour with the spices. Make sure that all the roundels are covered with this flour. Deep fry these roundels in olive oil or any other such healthy oil. This will give you crisp bittermelon roundels which can easily replace potato chips as a healthy and diabetes friendly snack

Fenugreek laddoos

Take some gram flour and roast it in a little pure ghee. Add artificial sweetener and fenugreek seed powder to it. Make laddoos while the mixture is still hot. This is an excellent dish for diabetes patients with a sweet tooth while the fenugreek in the laddoos will help to keep sugar levels under control.

Carrot kheer

Grate some carrots in a grater depending on the amount of kheer that you want to make. Then take some double toned milk and boil the carrots till they become soft. Add some artificial sweetener to taste. You can also add grated cashews and almonds to make the sweet dish tastier and also healthier.

You can get many such recipes on the internet. Apart from such diabetes friendly food, you can also take some natural supplements like bittermelon and fenugreek extract. These extracts are available in easy to consume capsule form and are available on online stores selling natural and herbal products. If you want to know more about them, you can click here.