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Every year, due to climate change, the harvest of tea varies. Tea is mainly identified by how the leaves are cultivated as well as processed. There are several varieties of teas, and they are divided into different categories. Teas that are in trend nowadays are green, white, black, fermented and solong. The teas are divided into such categories by how much the tea is fermented. The key factor that gives tea its particular flavor and aroma that comes from the leaves is oxygen. Selective exposition of the leaves to oxygen shapes the character of that particular tea. A cup of tea rejuvenates the mood and makes you feel fresh.

There are hundreds of varieties of Tea available these days. And they are categorized on how much strong they are as well as their appearance. A simple fact to be understood is that it depends on the oxidization of tea that gives it its special properties. So, the more the Tea is oxidized; the darker will be its color and aroma. Conversely, with light colored tea. Here we discuss different types of teas that are popular in India.

White Tea

The origin of white tea is from China. It undergoes very less processing. The shoots of the tea are allowed to dry to prevent them from oxidation. The process of making white tea is very delicate. India has also started cultivating white tea as it is becoming a Popular Tea among the Indians. This tea contains very delicate flavors with the breathtaking aroma.

Green Tea

As the name says it all, green teas are unoxidized. The leaves are heated to degrade the enzyme responsible for oxidization. Green tea is said to be very healthy for our body. Green tea should be stored at a cooler temperature.

Black Tea

Black tea is a Popular Tea mostly in the West. The leaves of black tea are most oxidized. Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri produce most famous black teas. While processing, broken leaves are selected more as smaller size leaves allow water to extract more from the leaves. Black tea made from broken leaves is higher in caffeine.

Tea in Tea Bags

The trend of Tea bags is increasing nowadays. Teabags are for the people who don’t have much time to invest in preparing the proper tea. Besides, tea bags are handy and easy to carry as well as easy to make. There are various brands and flavors available of tea bags. Check this quality tea bag product.

Tea is an essential drink to start a fresh day.

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