Staying fresh in spite of a hectic schedule

Image Source: Popsugar

There are times in our lives when we just have too much of things to cover. We are encircled in the web of deadlines, exams, due dates and just too many priorities to juggle with. And at the end of the day with a tiresome attitude and dejected face, when your inner voice starts asking for your attention, you just don’t have time. Things can a change a lot with a little bit of modifications in our respective lives. Here are the following ways to take care of yourself, keep your body’s metabolism good, increase your brain function and maintain a healthy weight:

  • Don’t Skip the Breakfast

It’s important to start off the day with breakfast as it helps in sustaining the required energy levels and aids in blood sugar management.

  • Stay Hydrated

More than 60% of our body is made of water. We may sustain without food but it’s more difficult to sustain in the absence of water. Make sure to not drink water before and after meals as this can hinder digestion. At least 8 glasses of water in recommended in a day for proper functioning of the body. You can also try herbal teas to refresh yourself.

  • Say NO to Coffee

We often are inclined to drink coffee in the breaks. This actually is not good because excess coffee overloads your liver, dehydrates you. Coffee intake must be minimized to a level as low as possible.

  • Learn to Prioritize

Learn to say NO things which are unimportant for you. For this, prioritizing ones needs and desires is a must.Give yourself the permission to focus on what’s important.

  • Ask for Help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and you’ll quickly learn that most people around you actually love to be asked! It makes them feel useful and important. What usually helps the most is to get help to do the normal things that include cooking, shopping and regular every-day tasks. Never underestimate how important the people in your life can be when it comes to feedback, motivation and supporting your self-confidence regarding the important work you’re doing.

  • Sleep Well

This old advice is not only essential when it comes to self-care, it is also absolutely essential when it comes to being able to do your best. Particularly important when it comes to exam periods and work stress, sleep will help you achieve. Those extra hours at work are of no use if you don’t remain healthy.

  • Listen to your Favorite Music

When stressed, listening to your favorite music can work wonders as it helps you calm down. It boosts your mood and keeps you happy no matter how tired you are.

  • Eat Healthy Food

It’s important to increase the intake of nutritious foods. Consuming Green leafy vegetables and fruits are always recommended as it keeps you healthy and fit.

  • Breathing Exercises and Stretching

Taking out just 10 minutes especially in the morning for some basic breathing exercises and stretching can work wonders. It lifts your mood and increases your flexibility.

There is no harm in walking a few meters or taking the stairs instead of the lift. These are small steps towards keeping yourself fit and reduce the stress despite of the hectic schedule you have to follow.

  • Take Breaks

Everyone has a limit and all human beings need some rest. During a busy and hectic schedule, it’s important to take breaks to keep yourself fresh. One may carry snacks to avoid hunger can spend some fruitful time reading an article or writing something.

  • Avoid Eating Late and limit consuming Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates you, lowers inhibitions and increases your appetite. Your metabolism slows down at night so you can count on anything you eat within three hours of bedtime sticking to your bones.

  • Take Supplements if required

No matter how good your diet may be, no one has a perfect nutritional profile. Especially with our hectic schedule we are not getting appropriate nutrients in our diet. A good quality multivitamin/mineral is recommended, along with probiotic supplementation, a B-complex vitamin (for stress, metabolism and healthy immune) and a good quality EFA (essential fatty acid/omega 3) supplement.

  • Give time to your Hobbies

There is a saying called “Do what you love. Love what you do”. If you can’t find satisfaction or enjoy your current work especially because of the hectic schedule, it’s high time you must start giving time to your hobbies. It helps a lot in reducing stress.

  • Stay Positive

It’s very common to feel tired and low after a busy working schedule. It’s important to keep yours rejuvenated, happy and positive in such a situation. If required, talk to a friend of yours. It may work wonders.

These are just a few points to make one’s life better. If implemented properly it can work wonders in keeping oneself fresh despite of the hectic schedule. Click here to know more.