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These nutrients are very helpful if taken early in life but they also help once you start aging. If you get bone diseases like osteoporosis or something, the intake of calcium and vitamins will help cure the disease. However, the better option is prevention of these diseases rather than focusing on the cure.

Kinds of food that is healthy for your bones:

  • Yogurt: Another way of getting Vitamin D, apart from exposure to sunlight, is by eating a cup of yogurt every day. It is a creamy, tasty and healthy source of food through which you can get your daily dose of calcium.
  • Milk: Milk is known as the poster child for calcium. Milk may be a source of calories, but it also provides you with 30% of daily calcium
  • Sardines: Tiny fishes often found in cans surprisingly have high levels of Vitamin D and Calcium. They have a savory taste that tastes delicious with pastas and salads. When cooked in the right oil, the nutrition levels shoot up.

  • Eggs: The egg yolk is a rich source of Vitamin D. Though eggs contain only 6% of daily vitamin D, they are an easy and quick way of obtaining the vitamins.
  • Spinach: Dairy products usually lead to too much of calories too. So if you want to void eating dairy products for a while, you can switch to leafy vegetables like spinach. A cup spinach contains 25% of daily calcium, fiber, iron and Vitamin A
  • Orange juice: A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice may not contain calcium or Vitamin D, but it is fortified to contain these nutrients.

The Herbal Way

  • Herbs have been used as a cure for many diseases since the dawn of civilization.

  • Chemical and artificial industries have taken over the herbal and ayurvedic products dues to their cheap price and affordability.
  • However, the herbal market still has its vote bank because people still have faith on natural elements and medicines more than anything else.
  • There are many companies which produce herbal products at a large scale.
  • For the strengthening of bones also, there are products which can be used. For example: there may be some people with allergy from dairy products, thus they can use calcium tablets which is equally effective.

Bone diseases are usually identified after a certain age. Thus, it is always better to have your base strong. If you have already reached the age where you cannot rectify your mistake, do not make your children do so. Form the base properly. As for you, do not worry, nature is always ready to help you with the innumerable cures it has!

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